When will Gun Run be back in Apex Legends?

Gun Run is a limited-time game mode.

Gun run
Gun run in apex legends

As we all know, Limited-time game modes are Apex Legends players’ bread and butter when it comes to finding new ways to enjoy the game. While Apex’s classic game mode can provide hours of entertainment, there will be times when you just need a break or something completely different. Apex’s take on the gun game format, which players may be familiar with from other shooter games, is Gun Run. Gun Run, like most Apex game modes, is squad-based. Teams of players will be chosen at random to compete for the final kill with a throwing knife.

Squads will use a variety of weapons before getting their hands on the throwing knife, making each match unique and exciting. Gun Run is a limited-time game mode that rotates in and out of playlists at different times. So today we will give you the date of Gun Run’s return in Apex Legends.

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When will Gun Run make a comeback in Apex Legends?

gun run

The Gun Run game mode will be available again on October 11 as part of the Fight or Fright event. The game mode will be available for a week, from October 18 to October 25. When this mode leaves Apex, it will be replaced by another, and the cycle will more likely continue with each gameplay patch.

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While the most popular game modes are frequently featured at least once in most events, others may need some tweaking before claiming their place in the rotation. Players who want to keep up with the changing game modes can visit the official Apex Legends blogs on EA’s official website. These Event blogs include detailed timelines for their duration including game modes.

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