5 best Minecraft dungeon mods for 2022

These modpacks will make you fall in love with the game even more.

best Minecraft dungeon mods
Minecraft dungeon mods

The original dungeon in Minecraft has become extremely iconic. The structure has become so iconic that the game’s most well-known spin-off, Minecraft Dungeons, is named after it. However, as iconic as the structure is, its design is very simple, especially when compared to many other modern structures. While the vanilla dungeon is showing its age, the community has stepped in to update and revamp dungeons, adding several new types of dungeons to make the overworld much more exciting than it would otherwise be. So, today we will show you the 5 best mods for Minecraft Dungeon.

5 best mods for Minecraft dungeon for 2022

1) When Dungeons Arise

best Minecraft dungeon mod

When Dungeons Arise is one of the best mods for Minecraft dungeon, the mod adds a large number of extremely random dungeons all over the world. With the massive scale of these dungeons, When Dungeons Arise distinguishes itself from similar mods.

There are randomized temples, palaces, fortresses, cities, and dungeons, each with different and unique rooms, as well as custom loot tables that include loot from other mod loot tables, implying that the mod can be used in conjunction with others to allow progression through different mods while exploring the world.

2) The Twilight Forest

the twilight forest

With over a decade of active development, The Twilight Forest is one of the game’s most well-known mods. As a result, the Twilight Forest mod is one of the most polished mods in Minecraft history. The mod includes a variety of boss battles with unique mechanics as well as unique treasure and loot with various traits.

However, one of the mod’s main draws is the massive, incredibly fleshed-out dungeons scattered throughout the dimension. One of the most significant advantages of the mod is that the game has been actively updated for over a decade, and the development team shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, implying that new content is always on the way.

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3) YUNG’s Better Dungeons

Minecraft’s classic dungeon, with mossy cobblestone walls, floor, and ceiling, a random mob spawner in the center of the room, and one or two wooden chests in the structure with random loot inside, is one of the game’s most iconic structures.

This mod aims to redesign vanilla dungeons while also introducing three new ones: undead fortresses, catacombs, and spider caves.

Vanilla dungeons are essentially the same as before, but with a new design. Spider caves are large caves that are covered in webs and wool. They will only give birth to cave spiders and regular spiders. Spawners are housed in egg chambers in nesting rooms.

Undead fortresses are cubic in shape, similar to strongholds. These are the mod’s most traditional dungeon additions. There are numerous loot and skeleton spawners scattered throughout the area.

The catacombs are the final stop. These are vast burial chambers intertwined with underground labyrinths. While there is plenty of loot, the narrow corridors and plentiful zombie spawners will almost certainly overwhelm players who are not cautious.

4) Dungeon Crawl

Dungeon Crawl is a Forge-only mod that introduces a new type of procedurally generated dungeon into the game and is one of the best mods for Minecraft Dungeon. These dungeons can be found both in the depths of the world and on the overworld’s surface. The layouts, sizes, and loot in these dungeons are all random, making each experience unique.

The ability to access infinite content, assuming the player is willing to explore the overworld to find new dungeons, distinguishes the mod from others.

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5) Extended Caves

extended caves

Polyvalord created the mod Extended Caves. The mod adds plants, loot, and new dungeon structures to make caves more interesting. Similar to The Legend of Zelda, these new caves have pots that players can break to obtain loot. There are clay pots, which are fairly common and contain average loot, and quartz pots, which are much rarer and contain better loot.

Sweet mushrooms, goldishrooms, shinyshrooms, and lumishrooms are among the new mushrooms. Sweet mushrooms provide food, goldishrooms grant players one haste, and shinyshrooms grant players two haste. These two mushrooms can be combined to make a sticky stew that grants three haste. Lumishrooms are simply cave-based light sources.

The mod also includes dungeons that players can explore deep underground. These dungeons will provide plenty of loot for players, including many different pots in the mod. This mod is only this far down the list because it focuses on caves rather than dungeons, though dungeons are required.


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