How to find and change tick speed in Minecraft 1.19 update

One Minecraft day is much shorter than a day in the real world.

How to find and change tick speed in Minecraft 1.19 update
Tick speed in Minecraft

Tick speed in Minecraft is the measurement of time. Those who play Minecraft know that the passage of time in-game is not at all comparable to the flow of time in the real world. One Minecraft day is much shorter than a day in the real world. Moreover, things move faster in the game than they would in the real world. The game (Minecraft) runs at a fixed rate of 20 ticks per second. This means that one tick happens every 0.05 seconds in the game. So, that makes one Minecraft day last exactly 24,000 ticks. That roughly translates to about twenty real-world minutes. Apparently, Night time passes in about 12,000 ticks in the game.

Tick speed in Minecraft

Finding tick speed in Minecraft is not a difficult task. Moreover, the Minecraft 1.19 update didn’t affect the tick speed.

Here are the steps to locate Tick speed:

  1. First open Minecraft.
  2. Then open the existing world.
  3. Pause the game.
  4. Then Navigate to Settings.
  5. It should automatically be on World Settings already, but if not, navigate to it on the sidebar.
  6. Then Scroll down until the page is at the very bottom.
  7. Tick speed should be the last setting in this section of the page.

Even while creating a new world in Minecraft, the setting is found at the same location that is at the bottom of the page. Only players can change the number in the bar. Tick speed can go as high as players want it to be.

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Default Tick Speed in Minecraft

The default Tick speed in Minecraft bedrock edition is 1. However, in the Java edition, it goes up to 3. This speed can be changed, but every time the speed is reset to default or players start new worlds, it will go back to those figures.

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Impact of Changing Tick Speed in Minecraft

Tick speed in Minecraft

Changing tick speed can result in both positive and negative impacts. Players can use high tick speed to increase the speed of decay with regards to leaves and to make trees and Crops grow faster. This faster growth rate can be good for having food or for trading with the farmer villagers.

However, an extremely high tick speed causes the game to run a lot slower than its usual speed. Some players even face serious lags or FPS issues.

So, Changing tick speed can mess with those in-game aspects, but the players can also use that to their advantage. However, it takes some time for players to find the right tick speed that works best for their device if they want to change it from the default setting.

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