Who is Wraith’s voice actor in Apex Legends?

Wraith is one of the most popular characters in Apex Legends.

Who is Wraith’s voice actor in Apex Legends?
Wraith's voice actor

As we all know Wraith is one of the Apex Legends’ most popular characters. With interesting lore, engaging kit, and one of the most consistent high pick rates in the game, Wraith has always been one of the player’s favorite characters in the Apex Legends. Players love to play as Wraith in the game. After playing as Wraith, you might be wondering whose voice is behind her iconic character. So, today we will tell you who the voice behind the iconic character Wraith in Apex Legends is.

Everything to know about Wraith’s voice actor

Wraith's voice actor

Wraith’s Voice actor is Shantel VanSanten. Along with giving her voice to Wraith, Shantel has a long and storied history in film and TV, with appearances in One Tree, The Boys, The Flash, and All Mankind. You can find a complete list of the roles she has played as well as her filmography on her IMDb page.

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VanSanten is also very active on social media. She regularly posts updates regarding her projects. Shantel VanSanten has more than a million followers on Instagram. VanSanten also has a page on Streamily, a service where voice actors and other celebrities Livestream themselves signing art and portraits that fans purchase.

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VanSanten has become a popular name in the world of celebs. She has also made appearances at conventions. VanSanten is currently attending San Diego Comic-Con to promote her upcoming projects and shows. Her fans can check out her RosterCon page to see where Shantel VanSanten is going to be next.

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