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Celebrity Glam at Le Castellet – All Celebrities who were at the French Grand Prix

Paris: France is home to Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower. The European nation boasts love, fashion, and wine. Furthermore, The wild nature of France celebrates sensuality, passion, and aesthetics. There is definitely no doubt that the romantic country is one of the most visited and adored places on the global map. The glam and the glitz invite many of the A-Listers to town. Augmented with the pinnacle of motorsport – Formula One, France is amour. So Honestly, do we need any more to explain? Let’s explore the Celebrity Glam at Le Castellet.

Matt McConaughey was one of the most prolific names to be on the paddock. Clad in Light Blue Shirt unbuttoned at the top and white pants, Matt was eye candy to the fans. He chatted along with the top-notch people of the paddock as he enjoyed some quality time. Apart from Matt, Actor Finn Cole also made an appearance. The English actor is known for his role as Micheal Gray in Peaky Blinders and young Jacob Toretto in F9. Additionally, Stand-up comedian Gadel Madeh was also present at the event.

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From the world of sports, Moto GP star Fabio Quartararo made a presence. He in his modern chic blue cotton shirt and blue shorts was a showstopper. The 23-year-old French man also got an opportunity to sit in the W-13. He is a very good mate of the Honey Badger and the French duo of Formula One. Double Time Olympic Champion Quentin Filon was also present at the paddock. He tried on the Alpine before the race started. Obviously, Filon did not forget to share a picture with Fabio.

Adding to the Celebrity Glam at Le Castellet was the infamous singer Niall Horan. He wore a white vest layered with a white shirt with green borders. Irish much? The former One Direction star sported a necklace along with his recently pierced earlobes. As Max Verstappen drove to victory with Mercedes closing in on Ferrari, French Grand Prix did not disappoint. Well, cannot say the same for Ferrari fans.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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