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Netizens shocked one of the most prolific twitter account for video gaming news, Nibel quits twitter

Nibel, who is one of the most prolific account of video game news on Twitter, has recently announced he is leaving the Twitter platform.

Nibel, one of the most prolific sources of video game news on Twitter, has announced he’s leaving the Twitter platform. Additionally, With over 400,000 followers, including the biggest e gaming firms and personalities, Nibel has been one of the most well-liked sites for game news on social media for a number of years.

Patreon started by Nibel

Nibel started a Patreon in recent months, citing financial difficulties in his job life, to support his Twitter posts. Despite support from some of the most well-known names in the business, including Geoff Keighley, the creator of The Game Awards, Nibel said on Monday that he had not gathered enough money to make maintaining the account financially viable.

Nibel’s Twitter account has been locked as of the time of publication, and a statement on his Patreon page promises that paying patrons will receive refunds whenever feasible.

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Nibel on his decision to leave Twitter

“I have miscalculated the value of my Twitter activity and realize that it is nothing worth supporting by itself for the vast majority of people. It is not me who is popular, but it is that work that is useful. It is not valuable by itself, but a comfortable timesaver, and I get that now. I was unable to create a reliable revenue stream, but l’m still happy I gave it a shot. And I want to thank everybody on here who gave me a shot as well. I’ll look into refunds for recent payments, have already deactivated the billing and will likely close this page this week.”

The unidentified user also cited the billionaire Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter earlier this week as a factor in his decision to abandon the social media site. Nibel has previously complained about the Twitter platform, citing challenges he’s had with impersonating accounts because he can’t get account verification.

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