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Garena free fire: Advanced tips and tricks

Earning the first rank in Free-Fire is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of practice and presence of mind to win this ruthless game. Here are a few Garena Free-Fire tips and tricks that will help you to satisfy your yearning for that first rank!

Don’t land at the very popular places:
Garena Free-Fire Tips And Tricks

It may be very fun and exciting to land at a popular place on the map, but is it viable? If you are into PUBG, you might be well aware of the places- Pochinki or Boot camp. Landing at a popular place may be equivalent to digging your own grave. Since nobody has any ammunition at the beginning of the match, it all depends on when you find a weapon. Imagine landing in a place where at least 10 players are all decked up to attack while you search for a single gun. You are bound to die in such a situation. So, just don’t land in a crowded place if you want to survive.

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Bring out the hidden camper in you:
camping tricks in free-fire

Remember, it is not only a shooting game. Survival is the biggest part of this battle royale game. Instead of jumping in front of players to shoot them, find good supplies that will help you survive. Master the art of sneaking, being aware of the play and the danger zones at all times are the only things you need to keep in your mind.

It is always helpful to have a pair of headphones:

As seen in the livestreams of famous players/streamers, they always wear headphones. It serves a much higher purpose than just looking cool. Use of headphones helps the player to hear slightest sound. It becomes easier to hear enemy movements, gunfights, and the sound of the vehicles. It is easier to identify the source of them very easily.

Eagle’s eye is most benificial:
Garena Free-Fire Tips And Tricks

If the game had to be described in a few words it would be surviving, camping, and finally winning the game. You might run around hiding and camping the entire game, the end of the game is crucial. As the title of the winner goes to the last man standing, the first player to find the enemy and fill them with bullets wins. So have a great presence of mind and never give your enemy a chance to hunt you down!

Well, that concludes our Garena Free-Fire tips and tricks. Remember these tricks while gaming.

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