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10 amazing facts about the free fire that nobody knows

Garena free fire has become one of the highest-grossing apps in gaming for the year 2021. It has an enormous fan base that always keeps an eye on every detail and fact of the game. So, this article focuses on 10 amazing facts about the free fire That Nobody Knows.

Fact no.10

The first characters of the Free fire game were ADAM and EVE, and this reference is traced from the evolution of humans. The first humans on earth were also known as Adam and Eve. So to have similarity the developers of free fire too started the free fire game from Adam and Eve.

Fact No.9

There was one tower on the Bermuda map which was very tall. One can go there by placing a brick grenade and the view from the top was very scenic. It is now replaced by the cylindrical gasoline cylinders on the map after the update.

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Fact No.8

The first top-up character in free fire is Wukong.

10 Amazing Facts About The Free Fire That Nobody Knows
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table 1. – amazing facts about the free fire

Fact No. 7

The first skin of Gloowall is known as Aurus dragon Gloowall and every free fire player has the skin of Gloowall, but in the same package, there was also a grenade known as Aurus dragon grenade which remains in the rare category of the free fire.

Fact No. 6

There is a sacred and mammoth tree in the Bermuda Map and there are three locations on which the sacred trees can be found. These trees are the symbol of royalty of the free fire game and it thrills players to have fun in the snowfall themed map.

Fact No.5

The total number of vending machines present in the Bermuda map of free fire is 20. In addition, 3 airdrops deliver the vending machines across the map. 

Fact No. 4

There is a total of 8 points of revival on the Bermuda map and these points are present only for the first 9 minutes of the game. from this, the squad-mate can revive the ally if the teammate was knocked out in the first 9 minutes of the game.

Fact No.3

The legendary throne emote is expensive and very rare in the free-fire gaming community. But once, this was available in the store for around 900 diamonds, the players who purchased emote enjoy their rare free fire IDs.

Fact No.2

The most ferocious melee weapon in free fire is known as Katana and the first skin for katana is known as Kendoka. The katana has very high damage in the free fire game but as it is a melee weapon it can rarely be used by the players.

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Fact No.1 

The Tribal scarf top-up in the free-fire is placed in the event section currently is rare in its terms, as the Gloowall Scarf is never seen in any other bundle other than the tribal scarf bundle which makes it a really rare item to have.

Bonus fact

The longest zipline in the Bermuda map is from Clock to Peak. This covers a huge terrain on the map and a player can easily travel from one area to another area on the map. The zipline is a very important and fun part of the map and players enjoy a lot travelling on zipline.


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