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10 Dirtiest and High-Profile Cheating Scandals In E-Sports

E-sports is reaching new heights every day, players grind their skills to reach the top tier of the game and practice extremely hard to entertain their fans. Players like Shroud, Tenz, etc. are very serious for their gameplay and their audience but there are a bunch of different players who cheat in games some more subtle than others but it’s a whole different issue when players get caught cheating and there’s something on the line i.e. in main tournaments. So, in this article, the main focus is on High Profile Cheating Scandals in Esports.

#10. Forsaken and his Word.exe

 Forsaken signed with Optic India to play CS: GO at their main E-sport event. He was demolishing the enemies with deadly headshots and spray transfers. This made optic India into the huge advantage of the game, but this came to an end when forsaken was playing in the event at extremes land zowie Asia 2018, he was nailing every headshot and spray transfer on the enemies was insane. This made the but he manages to make it work but tournament admins immediately took notice of the gameplay and it turn out that forsaken was cheating. All cheating tools he used were named Word. EXE. Later, it turned into a meme for many streamers. 

#9. Cameron Jeffers a YouTuber and cyclist

 Virtual cycling is a very rare game and not many of us know about the term. But it got popular due to the scandal done by the gold-medallist of Virtual cycling i.e. Cameron Jeffers. In the final round of the event, Cameron wanted to have an edge over the enemies so he got a bike that would take less effort to cycle through the event. So, he set up some bots and had them grind their way to getting him the zwift concept z1 a pretty sweet-looking Tron bike, and then he won the tournament and the winner of the gold medal of a national champion but when the authorities came to know about the ROBO-BIKE, they ceased his title of champion and took away his Gold Medal. Also, they termed the scandal “Robo-Doping”.

#8. PUBG’s Darkest DAY

In 2018, Pubg saw a huge explosion in popularity which of course led to an e-sports scene. Things were going pretty well that is until several pros were caught in a massive cheating scandal. There was a cheat going around called the radar hack. It’s complicated but it lets players see where every other player on the map was without revealing oneself. That’s insanely powerful and using that in a tournament would give any cheating pros a huge advantage. Pubg discovered that 10 players have received in-game bans due to the usage of unauthorized programs the type of which has been severely damaging to the integrity of the game.

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#7. APX- Void of Hearthstone Community.

 APX Void was very popular on YouTube, but his inability to work under pressure got him into the act of cheating. In the last round of the Swiss stage during the hit winter playoffs, the Canadian cracked under the pressure. Void typed up a message to a friend that was sitting right next to him asking how he should play a specific matchup in the game unfortunately for void the admins decided that was cheating and he was immediately disqualified shortly after that his sponsor dropped him too. The situation has become a lesson on how not to deal with the pressure of competition.

#6. Thunder Predator Dota -2

One of the weirder ways that a player can cheat in DotA 2is to use a mouse macro which essentially lets the player use spells and abilities at speeds that no normal human could hit and that’s exactly what was observed from thunder predator did at the ti-8 south American qualifier and this player dared to cheat without trying to hide. This caused the Admin of the game to put an immediate Ban on Thunder Predator.

#5. TSM v/s Azubu Frost scandal

This scandal traces from the league of legends season 2 world championship. So it’s the quarterfinals Tsm versus Azuba frost a high stakes best of three but for some reason, the players kept looking away from their monitors. When noticed team Azuba frost was Stream Sniping and they easily predicted the location of their enemies. This incident took place in LAN and the audience had no clue what was going about the Game. Just like the fans at home and after the match the Admins immediately accused the Korean team of cheating. Azubu Frost was also fined 30,000 $ for their scandal.

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#4. Nicekh30 cheating for Charity.

 A famous family streamer of the Fortnite gaming community, Nickeh30  a content creator joined hands to play for the charity in an E-sports tournament. In the game, the rule was stated that event that you had to land in a specific part of the map but NiceKh 30 landed in other parts so that he could get better loot and have an advantage over other players. However, he knew about the rule and the only thing he received was a Warning from the sponsors of the event.

#3. Faze Jarvis for Using AimBot.

Taking the third spot on our list is a cheater who got a quick smackdown from epic games Faze Jarvis. He was a regular content creator on youtube and was liked by the teenage audience. That was until he decided to make a video on using Hacks on Fortnite and even streaming it. This, no doubt attracted the attention of the Admins, and thus Faze Jarvis was permanently  Banned from the game.

#2. Shaiko and his suspicious Gameplay

 Shaiko was put into suspicion when his 4 keys were pressed at an Inhuman rate and by his gameplay, he almost got the attention of the players in the community. Based on the same shaiko was banned for 2 years from the Game. The Admins didn’t find out any more clues in the gameplay. Shaiko is still ruling the hearts of his audience with his amazing gameplay.

#1. KQLY and SF Banned from CSGO for Cheating

This is a case of a top-level pro who has skill having cheated and the implications. Unfortunately, this takes us huge back in 2014. KQLY was making a name as a capable player in the French scene by winning EWC 2013. KQLY against pasha the two players who’ve stepped up phenomenally for their side KQLY got a vac ban effectively removing him from the pro scene forever no one knew if he used cheats on land or even in an online match and it threw the entire cs go world into disarray. This meant that the whole group of Pros were cheating In-game and only KQLY And SF got caught. This remains a mystery till now.

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