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Free fire OB32 update: What Are All The Changes Made In Free Fire After The New Update?

Free fire rolled out a new patch update on 19th January 2022 which is known as Free Fire OB32 Update. There were many new additions to the game. Free fire developers tried to fix the bugs and a reduction in the glitches in-game is observed. The update was overall a balanced one with many new surprises for the existing players and also for new players.

The changes of the new Free Fire OB32 Patch Update are as follows –

Charge Buster Shotgun

A new shotgun is added with unlimited ammo, called Charge Buster. For using this shotgun, players have to hold the fire button to charge this shotgun which increases range and damage, according to the time being charged. The more the player charges, the more the range and damage. For shooting, players have to release the fire button and one shot one kill gets confirmed. The disadvantage here is the charging time which makes the enemy attack aggressively.

M1887 – 3 Bullets instead of 2 bullets

From the OB32 update, players can see 3 bullets in M1887, which earlier had only 2 bullets. The damage got decreased damage in M1887. Earlier, per shot had 10 pellets, which did damage of 9 HP in the medium range, which is now down to 8HP in the medium range.

SVD-Y is the new version of SVD

Free Fire OB32 Update

The brand new variant of SVD is known as SVD-Y. It has the ability to penetrate through Gloo/Gel walls by the gun op firing rate. The variant can make the game biased in many cases because the player using it would have an undue advantage over others hence, in the update it was fixed.

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M249-X is the new version of M249

The brand new variant of M249 is known as M249-X. It will have an increased rate of fire. As M249 was rarely used by players, because of its very high reload time. So, changes were made to increase the M249 Dominance again.

Groza-X is the new version of Groza

The new attachment/variant of Groza is called Groza-X. It will have an increased rate of fire and damage but, this attachment will be rare, on the map to be found. this weapon can only be found in Air-drops.

Free Fire Flash pet unique skills and abilities

pet skills

The main advantage of Flash is the Steel Shell (resembling the protective turtle shell). The shell will create a barrier for the pet skill users by damage reduction. by using flash, the damages by backstabbing will get reduced.

Also, now players can pick their pets with any of their desired pet skills. However, players can upgrade the pet to the max level to unlock pet emotes, skins and also upgrade the ability.

The Flash Skill levels are listed below

Level 1 10% Up to 100 points                          150 sec
Level 2         15% Up to 120 points120 sec
Level 325% Up to 150 points90 sec

Newbies Corner

Developers always focus on new players, who are joining the game for the first time. By giving them a mystery crate for 10-39 INR with 300 diamonds and a few weapon boxes, developers have added newbies corner for OB32. Here, new players will be able to redeem a few characters and their character bundles for free or by completing a few tasks. For example, obtaining Miguel characters and bundles for daily login will be a part of Newbies Corner.

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Now some hidden updates of OB32

free fire ob32 update
  1. After the update, the players will get FF tokens from the bounty every time.
  2. In the new update, the players can give like to the teammates on different feats like first blood, triple kill, and Quadra kills.
  3. Bag pouch – A new attachment is being added here to increase the carrying capacity of free-fire players. it will add =50 space in the Backpack.
  4. In the new update, if a player gets revived by the teammate then at the time of spawn the player is equipped with a level 1 vest, helmet, and a pistol.
  5. New ASSASSIN’S creed tower in Garena Free Fire map is now added, Which eventually marks the partnership between the two games that is  ASSASSIN’S creed x Garena free fire.

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