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5 BEST Free-Fire Drop Locations: Where to Drop-In Free-fire To Live Till End

Free-fire is an Editor’s Choice battle royale game, Where the one who survives till the end gets the BOOYAH. Players tend to show off their skills and survival stats to others. So, In this article, we will ponder on the top 5 BEST Free-Fire Drop Locations: Where to Drop-In Free-fire To Live Till End.

Free-Fire players consist of basically two types, one who likes to play aggressively and one who likes to survive and gets to the end of the game for BOOYAH. The other set of players likes to explore the map. Also, they want to loot without any tension of attack from the enemy. This article is for the same category of players.

5 BEST Free-Fire Drop Locations 

#5. MOAT HOUSE (Purgatory)

Moat House is known as paradise, for campers in Free-Fire. The place has its importance on the map because of the Diverse terrain. Also, purgatory consists of a moderate level of loot. The area has numerous spots to Camp. The disadvantage of Moat house is that the players have very little time for rotation because when the play zone starts to shrink, it becomes one of the first spots which gets excluded from the play arena.


#4. Samurai Garden

The beautiful drop location on the Bermuda Map. The place gets a natural gift of cherry blossoms from the developers of Garena Free Fire. The terrain gets divided into small islands, which makes it worth exploring. The Garden sometimes gets flooded with Loot, But the location makes it worthless for pro players. The place is an OFF-drop location. Rotation is tough from the samurai garden. The place is great for passive players who like to gather survival points.

#3. Kalhari

Kalhari is located in the area of Santa Catarina and the ship itself. the great drop location for a passive player looking for survival points. The place offers a great loot with healings as well. Passive players generally drop here and enjoy looting and exploring the map. The only issue with landing here will be that players who have landed at Kalhari may rotate through this location to reach Forge. However, with that being said, players can easily set up a defensive zone and fight back enemies who try to approach.

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Sentosa is located on the bottom left of the Bermuda map, the area of Sentosa is isolated which is a compatible fit for passive players. Players can loot here without any tension of fight. Rotation is too easy to the safe zone. Players who land here are bound to find good loot and can rotate with ease if needed. In addition to being safe, players shouldn’t encounter any opponents after the landing phase ends, as rotating backward to Sentosa is not something enemy players would likely do.

#1. Rim Nam Village 

Just like Sentosa, Rim Nam Village is the isolated area present on the bottom side of the Bermuda Map. Players who like to camp and loot the best have a great affection for this place. The Drawback emerges because the optimum loot is not there but can the nearby locations like, Hangar and Clocktower compensate the same. Players seldom land at that location, which makes it ideal for players looking to play passively. Players looking for kills can choose to move towards Clock Tower.

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