PUBG Mobile’s New Map Nusa Gets New Vehicle, weapons, and zip lines.

Nusa is a small map but full of surprises.

PUBG Mobile's New Map Nusa Gets New Vehicle, weapons, and zip lines.
PUBG Mobile's New Map Nusa Gets New Vehicle, weapons, and zip lines.

As you all know, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new battle royale map in the game named Nusa, loaded with a bunch of new features.

PUBG Mobile in its most recent update which is patch 2.2 introduced a new battle royale map, Nusa. Although it’s a small map, it is full of exciting new features for the fans of PUBG Mobile.

Newly added weapons and the vehicle in the new Nusa Map

The two new weapons introduced in map Nusa are the NS2000 Shotgun and the Tactical Crossbow. Both these weapons will make a big difference on the new map.

The Tactical Crossbow works differently on the Nusa. This Crossbow can repair ziplines and can also set structures on fire. On the other hand, The new NS2000 shotgun works best at medium and close-range fights. This shotgun shoots 12 gauge shells when firing from the hip and 12 gauge slugs when ADS.

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Apart from this, a new vehicle is also coming to PUBG Mobile named the Quad. This new two-seater vehicle will allow players to rotate quickly around this small Nusa map with ease.

Surprises on Nusa

new map Nusa

Although the new Nusa map is only 1×1 Km in size, it’s full of surprises according to developers. This map has a working elevator that can take players up and down the floors of a tall building. The new map also has a pool that restores players’ health when they take a dip in the pool.

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This map has also introduced a new feature named Super Recall that allows players to Respawn with a random weapon if they are eliminated within the first four minutes of the match and have surviving teammates. However, in solo mode, Super Recall will respawn players automatically. 

So if you haven’t played this New map yet, update your PUBG Mobile app on your phone and enjoy the new Nusa map.

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