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How to upgrade Scar level 7: EVO Megalodon Alpha Scar returns

About SCAR Megalodon

The Scar megalodon is one of the most sensational and expensive gun skin in free fire. The design is the replica of the megalodon shark. The red finish on the gun gives it a very unique and premium look.

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The Gun can be upgraded up to level 7, which is full of action packaged effects but for upgraded SCAR, one has to spend diamonds for the same.

Features of Scar megalodon

LEVELCost of diamonds Or tokensDamage & Rate of fireReload speed Effects
LEVEL 19- 132 diamondsExclusive skin
LEVEL 230 shark tooth tokens increased —– increased reduced
LEVEL 360 shark tooth tokens increased —– increased reduced New LOOK
LEVEL 4120 shark tooth tokens increased —– 2X increased reducedUpgrade attribute / Kill effect  
LEVEL 5240 shark tooth tokensKill effect/ Firing effect
LEVEL 6400 shark tooth tokensNew look /signature ability
LEVEL 7600 shark tooth tokensExclusive /emote New look
Total level 7Total diamonds (9-1332)Total diamonds for Shark tooth  14500Minimum 14509 diamondsMaximum 15832 diamonds

How to upgrade Scar level 7

Garena free fire always comes up with new and fascinating skins of outfits and guns. The SCAR Megalodon ALPHA is released a few days ago and has created a buzz among the free-fire players. So, let’s see how to obtain the EVO Megalodon Alpha Scar Returns and how to upgrade Scar level 7.

Steps to upgrade EVO Scar level 7

Acquiring the SCAR

 The Scar level 1 gets unlocked by the Megalodon ALPHA faded wheel, which is currently available at the LUCK royale.

If luck favors, The SCAR gets unlocked by the expenditure of mere 9 diamonds. However, the maximum diamonds spent can cost up to 1332 diamonds.

Shark tooth tokens for upgrading SCAR

SHARK tooth, a token required for upgrading SCAR to higher levels. There are a couple of ways to unlock the shark tooth coupons –

A. By purchasing directly from the shop. It costs ten diamonds for one shark token.

B. By opening the Megalodon Alpha token box for 40 diamonds, there may be a slight chance that more shark tooth tokens can be redeemed.


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