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“If you play IPL, you can play for India too” Sunil Gavaskar slams senior players seeking rest

One of the finest Test batters India has ever produced, Sunil Gavaskar has called for BCCI to take some serious steps against senior players asking for rest during the bilateral series. As there have been several youngsters performing extremely well in the domestic circuit, team selection sees fierce competition. If players are playing for 2 months in the IPL and want to take a break during Indian matches, Gavaskar asks BCCI to make a concrete framework about that. Moreover, he emphasized that T20 as a format doesn’t take a toll on your mental and physical health. Sunil Gavaskar slams senior players seeking rest in a recent interview.

Sunil Gavaskar slams senior players seeking rest

“See I do not agree with players resting (during India matches). Not at all. You are playing for India. You don’t take rest during IPL but rest while playing for India. I don’t agree with it. You will have to play for India. Don’t talk about rest. There are only 20 overs in an innings in T20. That does not take any toll on your body. In Test matches, the mind and the body take a toll, but in T20 cricket, there is not much of a problem (in playing).

I honestly feel that the BCCI needs to look into this concept of rest. All the Grade A cricketers have received very good contracts. They receive payment for every match. Tell me if there is any company whose CEO, or MDs get so much time off? I feel that if Indian cricket is to become more professional, a line needs to be drawn. If you want to be rested, you need to reduce your guarantees. Then you take a rest because you don’t want to play. But how can anyone say that I don’t want to play for the Indian team? Which is why I do not agree with the concept.”

Sunil Gavaskar
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