How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

Making concrete in Minecraft is an easy task.

how to make concrete in minecraft
concrete in Minecraft

Those who play Minecraft know that Concrete is a vibrant and strong building material in Minecraft. It enhances the appearance of any project you undertake in your game. The best part is that the material can be made in a variety of colors and is not combustible like wool.

So today we are going to show you how to make Concrete in Minecraft.

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How to make Concrete in Minecraft?

Concrete, unlike other blocks, cannot be directly crafted. Instead, you’ll need to create Concrete Powder and then solidify it with water.

Craft Concrete Powder

You’ll need the following ingredients to make Concrete Powder:

  • One unit of Dye
  • Four units of sand
  • Four units of Gravel

Place the Dye and two units of Sand in the top row of your Crafting Table. Place two units of Sand and one unit of Gravel in the middle row. Then Place three units of Gravel in the bottom row.

how to make concrete in Minecraft

This recipe yields eight units of Concrete Powder, which each makes one block of Concrete. It will be the same color as the dye you used.

Sand can be found on any beach or desert, as well as on the ocean floor. Gravel can also be found on beaches, ocean floors, and in the Windswept Gravelly Hill biomes.

The dye comes in 16 different colors, each with its own recipe. The recipes for the five most basic colors are as follows:

  • White dye: Lily of the Valley or One bone meal
  • Black dye: One Ink Sac or Wither Rose
  • Red dye: One Poppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush, or Beetroot
  • Blue dye: One Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower
  • Yellow dye: One Dandelion or Sunflower

Mixing of Powder with Water

The Powder must then be hardened into a solid Concrete block by being mixed with water. Simply drop the Powder into any body of water to accomplish this. It will immediately absorb the water and transform into a true Concrete block.

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Mine the finished Concrete

Finally, the Concrete block can be moved by mining it. Break the Concrete block with any pickaxe. It will drop a miniature version of itself, which you can pick up and place wherever you want.

Once a piece of Concrete Powder becomes regular concrete, it remains that way indefinitely. So you don’t have to worry about keeping it wet all the time — just take your Concrete and build your home wherever you want.

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