How to make Glasses in Minecraft?

Making glasses in Minecraft is very easy.

how to make glasses in minecraft
glass in minecraft

In Minecraft, you’ll need more than just stone or wood to construct a house. A proper house has windows, and the best material for making windows is glass. Making glass in Minecraft is simple, and there are numerous applications for it. So, this is how to make glasses in Minecraft.

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How to make Glasses in Minecraft?

Sand, a furnace, and any type of smelting fuel are required to create a block of glass.

Sand can be found in the desert, on any beach, and in rivers and oceans. Fill the edges of a crafting table with cobblestone to make a furnace. You can use coal, charcoal, a bucket of lava, or anything made of wood as fuel.

Once you have everything, start the furnace and put your sand in the top slot. It will burn for a few seconds before releasing one piece of glass.

glass in minecraft

This is a full glass block, the same size as any other. If you want a pane of glass — a flat slab that looks more like a window — you’ll need to do a little more work. Fill the bottom two rows of your crafting table with glass blocks. This will create 16 glass panes, which are ideal for any home or building.

how to make glasses in minecraft

You’ll also need dye if you want stained glass like you’d see in a church or monument. Fill the middle slot of your crafting table with any color dye and surround it with glass blocks. You’ll make eight stained glass blocks in the color of the dye you used.

Fill the bottom two rows of the crafting table with matching stained glass blocks to make stained glass panes and you will receive 16 stained glass panes.

So, this is how you can make glass in Minecraft.

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