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All IPL Title Sponsors List Till Date( 2008-2022 IPL Sponsors)

IPL is one of the most popular professional T20 leagues. It has been running successfully since its inception in 2008. Earlier there were 8 teams contesting but this year there will be 10 teams trying their best to lift the trophy. The 15th edition of IPL is ready to take place from March 26th to the final being played on May 29th. Recently, IPL Mega auction 2022 has taken place. At the event, IPL 2022’s sponsors were also revealed. IPL being the premier league with such a large viewership has always had the leading brands and apps, not just from India but from abroad too, as its sponsors. It does not just benefit the league, but the sponsors as well. Following are the details of all IPL Title Sponsors list, to date.

List of All IPL Title Sponsors from 2008 to 2022:

1. DLF


DLF was India’s largest real estate firm. Thus the obvious Title sponsor contender in the 2008 inaugural season. DLF successfully won the bid for sponsorship. As a result, a four-year contract was signed between DLF and BCCI. A bid of 40 crores INR got DLF to be the title sponsor. The contract ended in 2012 and the firm didn’t show any interest in renewing it. From 2008 to 2012 DLF was the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League. DLF is based in Gurugram and was founded by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh in 1946.

2. Pepsi

Pepsi IPL

As DLF didn’t renew its contract with IPL, the American MNC Pepsico became the second title sponsor at 79.2 crores INR yearly. This global giant had signed a five-year contract at a whopping 396 crores. As per the deal, Pepsico should have remained the IPL sponsor until 2017. However, the corruption scandal had rocked the IPL in 2015. Resultantly, the soft-drink company had pulled out its name after completing only 2 years as the sponsor.

3. Vivo

Vivo IPL

As Pepsico’s deal with IPL ended prematurely. The Chinese mobile manufacturing company, Vivo had made a bid of 100 crores INR to be the title sponsor. Resultantly, Vivo won the bid and got a two-year contract with BCCI, from 2016 to 2017.

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4. Vivo

The Chinese firm renewed its contract with the BCCI, after the completion of the two-year contract. Vivo made a huge bid of 2,199 crores INR for five years from 2018. This meant a massive amount of 440 crores INR, every year. However, Vivo didn’t complete its full five-year contract. Due to the armed conflict at the Indo-Chinese border, and increasing tension in the Galwan Valley, anti-Chinese sentiments were prevalent across the country. Resultantly, Vivo had walked out ahead of the IPL 2022.

5. Dream 11

All IPL Title Sponsors List Till Date

As Vivo terminated the agreement, Dream 11 bagged title sponsorship rights for the IPL. Since Vivo backed off only a month before the tournament begin, the cricket board was troubled. At 222 crores INR, Dream 11 became the fourth brand to be the IPL title sponsor for the 2020 season. Dream 11 is one of the most popular fantasy sports platforms.

6. Vivo

All IPL Title Sponsors List Till Date

Vivo, the Chinese tech giant made a comeback in 2021. Since they earlier had a five-year contract, Vivo returned to the title sponsorship, hoping the relations between the countries will improve. However, that wasn’t the case, and this continued to impact the company. Throughout IPL 2021, Vivo continued its sponsorship. However, ahead of the 2022 edition, Vivo again withdrew itself from the tournament.

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All IPL Title Sponsors List Till Date

Vivo walking out left a void, which was filled by the TATA Group. Ahead of the IPL 2022 Tata was named as the title sponsor of the Twenty20 League. The BCCI and Tata group signed a two-year contract. It is believed that the contract is worth 300 crores INR for a season. This development was hailed widely by the Indian audience, since Tata has been synonymous with Indian industrial growth for years now, and is one of the most respected companies in India. This will also give the firm a platform to showcase its multiple consumer brands.

” This is indeed a momentous occassion for the BCCI IPL as the Tata group is the epitome of global Indian enterprise with an over 100-year-ols legacy and operations in more than 100 countries across six continents. BCCI, like the Tata group, is keen to promote the spirit of cricket across international borders, and the growingpopularity of IPL as a global sporting franchise bears testimony to BCCI’s efforts.”

Jay Shah, honorary secratary, BCCI

All IPL Title Sponsors List Till Date

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