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Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

Manchester City has whopping Market Value of $1.08 Billion

The English Premier League has been the most entertaining league among all the top leagues of world football. The Premier League never disappoints when it comes to showcasing the world what hard and fast paced football is in the first place.

English Premier League is unarguably the most competitive league in world football. And one of the main reasons is backing up by the management. The ‘Big Six’ keeps the league alive in an obvious way but with the likes of West Ham and Leicester City it is becoming even more interesting

And with the latest ’Saudi Arabia’ takeover of the club Newcastle United, it could easily become a team to be writing a new chapter in the history of EPL.

With all that being said here are Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

5. Tottenham Hotspur -$638.28 M

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

Tottenham Hotspur with no offense to its fan base and players are considered to be the weakest of the famous ‘Big Six’ of EPL. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t improving as a team. 

But failing to secure any major silverware for a very long time is making life hard for the die hard fan base of the club. Their current market value is around $ 638.28 M and certainly the appointment of the Italian mastermind Antonio Conte gives them a hope to build something entirely different in the English Top Flight Competition.

4. Manchester United – $ 869.28 M

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

The Red Devils, Manchester United are a club with one of the finest histories in all of football. United is a team which has always been a comeback team with benchmark performances by their super-subs.

A classic example of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, their freshly sacked manager and a club legend. With a market value of around $ 869. 28 M, the Red Devils stand at fourth position in this list. Although they are having one of the most downgraded seasons in the recent times.

However, their current interim manager Mr. Ralf Rangnick has transformed this team and stats speak for themselves. 

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3. Chelsea – $ 971 M 

The Blues, Chelsea FC is unarguably the best club in London and one of the finest in the history of English Football. The current defending champions of the prestigious UCL have been quite significantly transformed by their German manager Thomas Tuchel.

Although there are ongoing disputes regarding the sanction of their owner Roman Abramovich and frozing of his assets in England. One thing that nobody can deny is that after the takeover of Roman Abramovic.

Chelsea became a sensation in terms of silverware, lifting two Champions League in the process along with a couple of EPL titles. It has a market value of around $ 971 M and that is insanely good.

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2. Liverpool- $ 977.9 M

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

The Reds, Liverpool are closer than ever in the “already over title race” as was claimed by many pundits and typical fan bases after rivals Manchester City are having a few rough days at the English Premier League title race.

The Reds stand at around $ 977.9 M in terms of market value. Jurgen Klopp has literally uplifted the club not only at the grand level but also at an individual level in each of his players. The most interesting art is that this 2021/22 season can go to the very final match day.

1 . Manchester City – $ 1.08 B

Top 5 Most Valuable Clubs In The Premier League

The best club in the Premier League for quite a long time now. Manchester City is on a different level in the league. It currently aces the list with $ 1.08 B market value in the EPL. Pep Guardiola has rejuvenated this team but unlike their arch rivals Liverpool, they are yet to lift even a single Champions League trophy.

This year could be their year, as they are playing with even greater focus and the “already over” title race has got yet another twist and turn and it could even go further to the final matchday which is too much exciting and this could even go further to a Champions League Final as well, only if both the clubs play their cards right.


The most valuable clubs in English Premier League are literally uplifting the beautiful game as it has been two seasons in a row when the UCL finals were held between the two teams from the EPL. It is an interesting list comprising of big names and amazing fan bases.


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