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Gigi Buffon wants the dimensions of the goalpost size to be increased

Football is one of the most competitive sports in the world. 90 minutes of non-stop action and the loudest cheer of the games is heard when a goal is scored. Not only when a goal is scored but also when a goalkeeper saves a goal. Talking about saves, Gigi Buffon wants some changes in the goalpost size.

Gigi Buffon said:

“The dimensions of the goal post need to be increased.”

Here is the complete statement, including his reason:

“I think we can start thinking about it. When I started playing in 1998, I was in the top five in Serie A. Last year, in Parma, I was also among the top five. But among the 22 players on the pitch!”

“The dimensions of the goalpost have been the same since 1875. At the time, they were perhaps too big. Then, for 50–60 years, they were adequate. Now, seeing certain goalkeepers and certain athletes makes you think.”

Buffon is truly of the belief that the goalpost size needs to be increased.

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But should the goalpost size be increased?

Regarding the current football scenario, scoring goals hasn’t been easy or difficult. The only factor that football is missing is the midfield goal. Scoring from midfield is lower compared to earlier. But the main reason has been defenders.

Defending by teams has been top-notch over the years. Several teams have won the championship with strong defensive units compared to striking.

Looking at Buffon’s point, league authorities can think of increasing the goalpost size. What is your view on Buffon’s statement? Let us know in the comment section.

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