Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey Event Start time

Beast of Prey is Apex Legends' first season 14 Collection event.

Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey Start time
Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey Start time

The excitement among the fans regarding Apex Legends’ new collection event Beast of Prey is off the charts. This upcoming event centers around Loba and her heirloom, a pointed fan that acts as a weaponized replica of the one her mother owned. Apart from this, other legends are jumping into the fray with new mechanical legend skins and weapon skins, muddying the water when it comes to distinguishing predator and prey.

Beast of Prey is Apex Legends’ first season 14 collection event. This event promises plenty of fun with the new limited-time mode Gun Run. Gun Run pits 4 teams of three legends against each other in a fast-paced competition to land kills with all of the game’s myriad amounts of weapons. Besides new skins and Loba’s heirloom, this new event has a lot more to offer.

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Apex Legends’ Beast of Prey event start date and time

beast of prey

According to the official event trailer shared by Apex Developer Respawn Entertainment, Beast of Prey will begin on Tuesday, Sept 20. Usually, every Apex Legends season and event begins on Tuesdays. Although Respawn didn’t announce a start time, patches and other updates usually go live around 12 pm CT, so it is expected that the event will likely go live then.

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The event Beast of Prey will run for two weeks, ending on Tuesday, Oct 4. So, players will have plenty of time until then to complete the free prize tracker and earn or purchase any event-exclusive cosmetics that they want. Moreover, Gun Run will also become unavailable at this point, so make sure to get in all your running and gunning before the end date which is October 4.

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