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From his father’s high BP during IPL auction to Rohit Sharma’s gaaliyan: Ishan Kishan revealed unheard stories from his life

Gaurav Kapoor's show 'Breakfast with Champions' has always been the platform where we get to know some unheard facts about cricketers' lives. In the recent episode, Ishan Kishan opens up about his career so far!

The Mumbai Indians wicket-keeper-batsman Ishan Kishan recently made an appearance on the famous talk show ‘Breakfast with Champions’. The youngster shared some funny moments with MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, and Sachin Tendulkar. Moreover, Ishan Kishan was candid throughout and shared some unheard stories about his teammates. Currently, Ishan Kishan holds the Orange Cap at the IPL 2022. Since he has started opening the innings with Rohit Sharma, he has been showing great confidence and ability with the bat as well as behind the stumps.

However, Mumbai Indians couldn’t register their first win of the season yet. They will be next taking up on KKR. Ishan was the costliest buy for MI and also the costliest one for the season. His performance shows why the franchise had put so much confidence in him.

Watch: Ishan Kishan shares unheard stories from cricket and personal life

Have a look at some of the unheard stories excerpts from Ishan Kishan’s interview:

Yeh kya ho gaya? Kidhar jau bhai main?”

Recalling a match from Vijay Hazare Trophy, Ishan tells how Dhoni’s instructions once left him confused. MSD’s hand gestures were not clear and Ishan didn’t know what fielding position he was supposed to be in. On asking again, MSD stumped him with his gestures.

When I joined the Vijay Hazare team, I was in Dhoni bhai’s side. And I was fielding at third man. Suddenly, the strike changed and Dhoni bhai was like (imitating Dhoni’s hand gestures).I was like ‘yeh kya ho gaya?’ (What just happened right now?). I had no idea where I had to move. I then asked the slip fielder, ‘Brother, can you ask him where should I go? Even then, Dhoni was like (imitating Dhoni’s hand gestures again). I was like ‘kidhar jau bhai main?’ (Where should I go now?).

“He took at his towel and began cursing me” on how his attempt to please Rohit backfired

Remembering his first year at Mumbai Indians, Ishan shares an incident where he tried to impress Rohit Sharma. However, he rather got a nice one from skipper Rohit.

You know what I did one time at Wankhede. I was new, it was my 1st season, and didn’t know anything. Now, to make the ball old you usually throw it on the ground. But there was a lot of dew on the field that day. And I thought that if I roll the ball on the field. Rohit bhai will be happy that I’m making the ball old. So in that dew, I rolled the ball to him. He took out his towel and began cursing at me then I looked down and realized what I’d done. Then he told me, “Don’t take it personally, it’s only match-to-match.”

“I was hitting good, but just because Dhoni talked to the bowler I was scared, and Tahir succeeded in taking my wicket”

Moreover, Ishan talked about a particular IPL match against CSK when he was in good form. He was also hitting good shots, but one thing has kept him concerned. It was MS Dhoni talking with bowler Tahir. As it is widely known that MSD uses his bowlers very tactically, Ishan was confused. Eventually, he got out.

More than keeping, I keep trying to figure out how his mind works. You won’t believe, in one of the IPLs what stressed me out the most. I’ll be playing well and hitting the bowlers. But then Dhoni bhai will go and talk to the bowler. Oh he must’ve said something, he said something that I didn’t even hear. He spoke to Imran Tahir. And in my head, I’m wondering what Dhoni bhai has told him. I don’t know what happened but there was a half-volley ball. I tried to drive it and got caught at short third man. To date, I haven’t figured out how a batter trying to drive a spinner. Gets caught at short third man.

“My father has gone to the hospital to check his BP at the 2018 Mega Auction”

IPL is a dream of many players in the country. And being picked by one of the most popular franchises for a whopping INR 6 crores would is not very common for a youngster.

In the earlier auction, the 6 cr one I’m wondering what’s happening at home? I was chilled out, it was my auction, I should be stressed, I’d gone to play football with my friends four-a-side game is on. When the auction ended, I got a call from Monu Bhai. He’s telling me what all happened in the auction, I’m excited that I was sold for good money.

I should go home and meet everyone, they’ll be waiting for me. I go home and see that my mom is on a call Cheeks red, and on a call. Then I saw that Dad wasn’t even there ‘Where’s dad?’ “He’s in the hospital”. “He’s gone to get his BP checked”.I’m thinking what’s happened to my family? As soon as I was sold, he tells the hospital staff “Remove everything, he’s fine now. BP is fine”. The doctor said he should at least check once. “No, no, everything is fine”. Dad said he’s feeling good. “Okay good, then let’s go!”

“You’ve gone for a lot, learn how to bowl too”

Ishan tells how people have been sending him funny texts after the IPL Mega Auction 2022. Since Ishan has come to MI very costly, fans want him to learn bowling and improve his performance.

Now people will say, “Forget 50 in 25 balls now score 100 in 25 balls”. You’ve gone for a lot, learn how to bowl too. I’m like, “Okay sir, will do”. You get messages like that. “Brother you’ll have to bowl as well this season”. I’ll do everything.

“Everyone was crying. who would I talk to on the phone?”

When Ishan Kishan’s name was announced on the Indian team on the tour to Sri Lanka. His family has become very emotional. Since his hard work was finally paying off.

Everyone was crying. Who would I talk to on the phone? When I got selected in the Indian team, the first person I called was my mom. She sobbing away. I said, “Okay mom we’ll talk later”.20:08She then gave the phone to my dad. Then I hear that even my dad is getting all emotional. I was like “Why are you also crying?” He said, “You won’t understand son. It happens”. I then spoke to my grandma, she’s also crying. My grandad is crying. I called up my brother. he’s also crying. Then I tell them that we’ll talk after 3 days when you all are normal. But I get it. They’ve seen their son work so hard and finally when he gets his reward, obviously they’ll be happy.

“I look the other way and Sachin Paaji was sitting there”

Talking about the viral video wherein Ishan looks startled when sees Sachin Tendulkar in the dressing room, Ishan reveals why he had such a reaction. Out of anger at friends Yudhvir and Mohsin, he entered the room abusing and was embarrassed to see Sachin there.


So that time, Mohsin and Yudhvir were in the team. We are all in the team together. We’d go everywhere together and because I had extra stuff I’d ask them to help me carry it. I was on my phone, listening to music and when I looked up they had disappeared. So I was angry and had to carry everything myself to the dressing room. As soon as I entered, I spotted him and cursed at him. Then I see Mohsin is gesturing to me like this. I was wondering why he’s doing that. I look the other way and Sachin paaji was sitting there. So I immediately removed my shades and was thinking, ‘How did I use such language in front of Sachin Paaji’. I quickly removed my (air-pods) and said Good afternoon sir. He said, “Good Afternoon”. “How are you”? – ‘Great sir’.

“First thing Virat Bhai said to me was hit Archer for a six, there’s no fielder there”

Lastly, he remembers his T20I debut and how Virat Kohli has suggested he start his career with a six on Jofra Archer’s delivery. This might have seemed challenging. However, with the confidence Virat had said it, it seemed pretty much possible.

I opened with KL when he go out, Kohli bhai came. So when I was facing my first ball he was there, first thing he said to me when (Jofra) Archer was bowling. Look there’s no fielder there, hit him for a six”. “Bro, I’ve just come”. I said, “Ummm that’s Archer”. But the way he said it, I felt he was right, I should smash Archer, that’s the zone I entered. And, I got a boundary off the 1st ball. I was just happy about that, International, 1st ball boundary, Archer.

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