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Arbaaz Khan plays Tennis as Roger Federer in an Ad, Social Media goes Beserk

One of the best tennis players to ever grace the sport is Roger Federer. The Swiss maestro is undoubtedly the nicest sight on the court for a tennis enthusiast thanks to his mastery of strokes and beautiful on-court movement. He achieved 20 Grand Slams first among men’s players. Although each of Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic has already won 22 Grand Slam tournaments, Roger Federer’s allure has endured despite his retirement last year. In addition, Federer held the top rank for 310 weeks, including 237 straight weeks from February 2004 to August 2008.

Actor Arbaaz Khan of Hindi films recently shared a commercial on Twitter in which he appears as “tennis legend Federer.” He continues in the advertisement by boasting about his 20 Grand Slam victories and ‘greatest single-handed back hand. It ultimately turns out to be a coding company’s advertisement. Arbaaz Khan has frequently been the focus of memes that claim he resembles Federer. It has advanced to a new level with this new video. Check Out: Wimbledon Trims Men’s Doubles To Three Sets

Arbaaz Khan confirms his resemblance to Federer

Arbaaz claimed to be the “world’s greatest gamer” in the video despite everyone else playing the game poorly. He occasionally used Hindi expletives, including one when his foot pained.

In the monochrome video, Arbaaz wears athletic clothing and a headband that might make anyone think of Roger. “This is how I became the world’s greatest player,” he claims, referring to himself as the “tennis icon Roger Federer.”

He then exhibits awful tennis and even substitutes a straight drive from cricket for Roger’s forehand. One final shot results in the tennis ball leaving the court and striking a vehicle in the parking lot. Maybe not everyone can become a tennis legend, says Arbaaz in his conclusion. Arbaaz worked with the company that partners with tech-based enterprises. Arbaaz is often called as the doppelganger of Roger Federer. Their resemblance also sparked a memefest on Twitter. Also Read: Aryna Sabalenka Now Chasing Iga Swiatek In WTA Rankings

Fans’ Reactions on Twitter

The video generated hilarious responses from Twitter users.


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