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What is Bonus point in Kabaddi? How is it calculated?

To revive the old art of kabaddi and to elevate the sport of kabaddi to an international standard, Vivo Pro Kabaddi is a ground-breaking initiative by Mashal Sports Pvt. Ltd and Star India Pvt. Ltd. The Vivo Pro Kabaddi league is taking place after 25 months due to the chaos caused by the Covid situation. Apart from touching the players and coming back to the lobby, there are various other ways to increase the points like technical points, bonus points, etc. Here’s a brief recap about the bonus point system in pro kabaddi league.

What are bonus points?

Bonus point in Kabaddi

A bonus point in a sports competition is a scheme in which extra points are rewarded. These points play an important role in increasing the overall score of the team and hence increasing the chances of winning.

What are bonus points in kabaddi?

Bonus points in kabaddi are the extra points which the raiding team gets. Even if the raider has been tackled successfully by the opponent team, the raiding team gets one bonus point.

Most kabaddi coaches see taking a bonus point as an amazing ability that a raider should possess, however taking a bonus point is not simple.

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How to take bonus points?

A maximum of six players are needed in the opposition team to make the bonus point active .

The raiding team gets one point if the raider crosses the bonus line in the opposition map.

One of the player’s legs should cross the bonus line and the other leg should be in the air.

Even if the raid is not successful and the raider crosses the bonus line, the raiding team gets the point.

Bonus line is the second black line on both sides of the mat.

Typically, raiders target corners and covers to create a space in the defense and then utilize their reach and speed to take a very rapid bonus from the gap. To take a bonus point needs precision and expertise and is considered as a difficult task.

One thing that is to be kept in mind is that the bonus point does not revive the player.


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