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Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs U Mumba: Ajay Kumar’s last raid helped Giants for a draw

With a score of 24-24, match 63 between Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs U Mumba of pro kabaddi league at The Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru was a draw. The teams U Mumba and Gujarat Giants gave a cut-throat competition to each other in the game. With a score of 31 points, 3 losses, and 5 ties, U Mumba stands at sixth position in the chart now. Gujarat Giants stands at 10th position. Evening star Ajay Kumar from Gujarat with 7 goals scored an important last minute to lead the team to a draw. Ajit Kumar was Mumbai’s top striker in the low-ranking game and right-hand corner Rinku finished High 5. Let’s go through the post-match review of Gujarat Fortune Giants Vs U Mumba to know more.

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Gujarat Fortune Giants vs U Mumba: First Half

With a very strong grip on the match, the Gujarat Giants with a score of 13 took a lead. In the first half, Gujarat Giants had 8 raid points and 5 tackle points. Whereas U Mumba had 7 raid points, 2 tackle points, and 1 extra point. Rakesh S. and Ajay Kumar do most of the raid missions. They made the most of U Mumba’s indecisive defense early on. Abhishek Singh and Ajith Kumar, on the other hand, took turns raiding for the Mumbai team. Ajit appeared to have recovered from a back injury suffered and was moving easily across the mat. However, it was Gujarat’s defense that dominated the first half, scoring three more points than U Mumba. By the end of the first half, with a very strong position in the match, Gujarat Giants were leading the mat.

Gujarat Fortue Giants vs U Mumba: Second Half

Gujarat maintained its control from the start of the second half and did not allow Mumba to catch up. In defence, Girish Ernak, Parvesh Bhainswal, and Sunil Kumar scored points. While Rakesh Narwal and Ajay Kumar combined for 10 points. However, Gujarat had a 5-point advantage at the first Time Out. Rinku remained the defensive backbone of the team. Mumba made a comeback by tackling Rakesh Narwal with a Super Tackle.

Ajith Kumar led a series of successful raids to get Mumbai back into the game. Meanwhile, U Mumba had scored eight points in the closing five minutes, while the Giants could only muster two. Rinku finished his high-5, giving Mumba a one-point advantage. Additionally, Abhishek Singh scored a point in the Do-or-Die raid to take the lead with Mumbai less than two minutes left. Gujarat took a one-point lead after to a spectacular tackle by Hadi Oshtorak. Mumba, on the other hand, equalized the score by taking one point.

Top performers

Gujarat Fortune Giants
Best Raider: Ajay Kumar (7 points)
Best Defender: Girish Maruti (3 points)
U Mumba
Best Raider: V Ajith (8 points)
Best Defender: Rinku (5 points)

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