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Roll Ball Game – about, History, Rules, Equipment, court description and World Cups

Roll Ball is a combination of basketball, throwball, handball, and roller sports. The players wear roller shoes while on the field. Each team consisted of twelve players, six on the field and six in reserve. Let us discuss and know more about roll ball in this article.

Roll Ball History

The game was originally played in 2005 in Pune, India. Roll Ball was invented by a sports teacher- Raju Dabhade. It’s an amalgamation of basketball, throwball, handball, and roller sports. This game is now taking over the world.

Rules and Regulations

roll ball

As its a combination of various physical sports, the risks are also high. Below mentioned are some rules and regulation of Roll Ball:

  • All players should wear protective gears such as the helmet and knee pads during a match. The goalkeepers should wear a chest protector additionally. 
  • The ball for U-11 and U-14 categories should be size-5 with the pressure of 450 to 500 gms.
  • For the U-17 category and other senior classes the ball’s circumference should be 75 to 78 cm. 
  • The player should pass the ball within 3 seconds after they stop dribbling.
  • The players cannot run on the stoppers during a match.
  • The free throw line should be 3.5 to 2.5 m away from the goal post.
  • Both teams should have 6-players on their side.
  • Game time is 20 minutes in total.
  • If there is a tie, the game extends by 5 minutes.

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Court Description

roll ball court

The size of the court required for the game varies from place to place. The court measures28 to 40 meters (92 to 131ft) in length. Similarly, it measures 15 to 20 meters (49 to 66ft) in width. A line is present right in the centre of the court that divides the offensive and defensive areas. In addition, the playing court has a 5cm boundary line. However the rest of the lines are marked by red or white color. In addition to all this there is a also a safety line of 3cm.


As the game is combination of many sports, it obviously has several equipment too. For example, Inline roller skates, Quad Skates, Helmet, Knee Guards, Elbow Guard, and a Roll Ball. The ball used in the game are of two sizes- Mini and Normal.

Roll Ball World Cups


This game started with just five to six students but now it has over a thousand players. Roll Ball is an international game and the World Cup takes place every two years. Here is a list of all World Cup winners from the past.

In 2011 Indian Men’s team stood second and Denmark won the Roll Ball championship.

Similarly, in 2015 Indian Women’s team was second and Kenya Stood first. The Iranian Men’s team stood second and Indian Men’s team won the championship.

In the next championship, 2017, Iran stood second and India was first in the men’s category. Whereas, Iranian Women’s team was second and the Indian Women’s team stood first.

Moving on, in 2019, Kenya stood second in the men’s category. However, Indian Men’s team won the championship once again. In addition to that India stood second in the Women’s category while Kenya was first.

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