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10 Interesting facts about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

The Gabonese international is one of the best footballers in the world and is consistently regarded as one of the game’s top strikers. The immensely talented, who joined Barcelona as a free agent, is a terror for any defence, as his scorching pace leaves a trail of defeated bodies. It’s impossible not knowing much about a player of his calibre, but there will always be some lesser-known facts, and here are ten of them. Read below for Interesting facts about Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

1. Aubameyang played a match with an expensive crystal-studded boots worth $3,918:

By all accounts, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a flashy player. He exudes swag from every angle, whether it’s his outrageous hairstyle or his dress taste. He takes his opulence to the next level, though, with a pair of $3,918 custom-made boots.

The explanation for the boots’ exorbitant price is simple: they are encrusted with the pricey Swarovski crystal. Given that 4,000 small crystals had to be utilised to design his name, number, and his club’s emblem and colour, the work was meticulously done.

2. He is also a huge Batman fan:

He is obsessed with the DC Comics Superhero, which is clearly visible in his celebrations. Pierre often uses Batman masks and skins and other props.

3. Aubameyang scored Gabon’s one and only goal in Olympics:

Pierre is unquestionably a man of milestones. He was the first Gabonese player to play in Germany. He also netted Gabon’s first Olympic goal in London in 2012.

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4. Him and his family have a Real Madrid dream:

For Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, it’s mostly about honoring a promise he made to his grandpa on his deathbed: that he will one day start a Game for Madrid.  Aubameyang’s mother has stated that the entire family is a Real Madrid fan and that they all want to see the Gabonese international play for the Whites. Ironically, he plays for their rivals, FC Barcelona.

5. Italy invited him to play for the International team:

Aubameyang was eligible to play for the Azzurri because he was raised in Italy and had lived there for a long period. Indeed, such was his talent that the Italian federation sought to sign him to a contract with them.  As a result, he was invited to play for Italy U19, but he declined and moved on.

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6. He has accomplished his role in Charity:

 A Saint Etienne squad comprised of past and present players competed against a Ronaldo-Zidane XI in a charity match to raise funds to combat Ebola. Many players considered the encounter as nothing more than a friendly, but the Gabonese striker took no chances, coming on after 63 minutes and scoring a hat trick to win the game.

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7. He is the “first one” in many instances:

To begin with, he is really the first Gabonese footballer to play in any German league. In reality, he scored a hat trick in his debut season for Borussia Dortmund. That’s a unique approach to introduce oneself.

He was also the first – and so far the only – Gabonese to strike at the Olympics when he scored against Switzerland in a group game at the 2012 Games. As a result, we might refer to him as the First One.

8. He was considered the “Bolt” of Football:

When Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang sprints at full speed, it’s as if a cheetah has taken possession of him. He sends many defenders chasing his shadow and makes them taste the awful powerlessness of watching him wreak havoc while they are powerless to stop him. A speedometer revealed that the Dortmund great once ran 30 metres in 3.7 seconds, which would have impressed even Usain Bolt.

9. He had a chance to sign for Newcastle United:

Newcastle attempted to sign the striker in 2013, but Qatar countered with an offer of €10 million a year. According to an interview in the French publication L’Equipe, he turned it down due to his dad’s advise.

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10. Football is in his family roots:

Pierre’s father represented Gabon in the African Cup of Nations in 1994 and 1996, as well as a number of top French teams. Aubameyang Sr., a natural defender, played 80 times for his country before becoming an AC Milan scout.

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