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10 Interesting facts about Angel Di Maria

The Ex-Real Madrid star's study includes his life biography before fame, personal life, family life, and several OFF-Pitch little-known details about him.

After seven seasons with the French Football club of PSG, Angel Di Maria is leaving this year after his contact expires. Di Maria has appeared in 295 matches for PSG and has scored 91 goals along with 111 assists. Here are 10 Interesting facts about Angel Di Maria.

1. Angel Di Maria once fell into a well and survived:

The Di Maria family had just moved to a new home when the house infrastructure began to crumble. Di Maria was a year old at the time and was using a baby walker. Di Maria is fortunate that he was saved in time; else, he would not be here to talk about it. In an interview he mentions, that thanks to his mother he was saved who saw him fall. This incident deserves a spot in his eventful life.

2. Di Maria’s first transfer fee in his life was in exchange of 35 footballs:

Angel di Maria was a winger who had created a name for himself in Portugal and Argentina. This was before joining Real Madrid during the summer transfer window in 2010. He began his early career at Rosario Central, one of Argentina’s oldest teams. After being seen by a scout from Rosaria while playing for his local club Torito.

The cost for the move was 35 footballs. He was really young, perhaps four years old, and he says he’s not sure it actually counts.

3. The hidden meaning in the tattoo on his left forearm:

Angel Di Maria and six of his closest pals tattooed the phrase ‘Nacer en El Perdriel fué y será lo mejor que me pasó en la vida’ on his left forearm.

“Being born in El Perdriel was and will be the best thing that has happened to me in my life.” The tattoo served as a symbol for Di Maria and his companions. Indicating that regardless where the seven of them went, their origins will still be in Perdriel’s streets.

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4. Di Maria’s doctor advised him to get into Sports:

Di Maria was a trouble maker from an early age, so when he was three years old, his mother brought him to see a doctor for aid in finding a solution. “My mother became weary of me breaking everything in the home, so she took me to visit a doctor when I was three,” he says. I was running around the exam room, smashing everything. “The doctor just stated, ‘Sign him up for a sport,’ and thus my career began.”

5. Di Maria has played with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mesut Ozil:

In all his years in European football and International matches, Angel Di Maria is among very few players to play alongside, Ronaldo and Messi. His career in Real Madrid where he shot among the stars was one to die for. His combination of gameplay with Ronaldo, Benzema, Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira and Sergio Ramos made him one of the best Argentinian Wingers in La Liga.

On the other hand, he has played Lionel Messi in International formats and FIFA World cups as well. He is set to play his last World Cup in 2022 alog with Messi who is also said to retire from the International team.

6. The trophy cabinet throughout his career:

He won La Liga once with Jose Mourinho, two Copa del Reys, one UEFA Super Cup, one Spanish Super Cup, and a Champions League during his time at Real Madrid. In that final, he was also named man of the match against Atletico Madrid. He is a winner, as evidenced by his trophies at Benfica and Real Madrid. In addition, he won 18 titles in seven seasons with PSG.
He spent three seasons at Benfica before joining Real Madrid, where he won the Portuguese League and two Portuguese League Cups. In his final year, he was also named the League’s best player.

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7. Di Maria is nicknamed as “el fideo”:

The hardworking, swift Argentine, nicknamed ‘The Noodle’ or ‘Fideo’ in Spanish due to his slender frame, is a technologically advanced star football player.

8. His childhood was spent in economic hardships:

Di Maria, along his friends, spent the majority of his time on the streets. They spent hours playing in the streets. Argentina is a poor country with severe economic challenges, but this is not the case when it comes to sports, particularly football.
Angel Di Maria’s family was not the wealthiest in La Ceramica. His parents worked in a coal yard and were able to meet their basic needs with their meagre earnings. In one occasion, Di Maria recounted his parents’ struggle to make enough money to buy their kid a pair of football boots.

9. Angel Di Maria was selected in a Football club at the age of Four:

Angel Di Maria learned all the tricks of the game when he joined Rosario at the age of four. Agents and managers in Argentina and other nations teach children various duties and tactics so that they can develop into entirely composed footballers.

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10. Argentinian Legend Diego Maradona praises him and gives him a title:

All Portuguese newspapers dubbed him “Magic Tri Maria” at one point. Diego Maradona once supported him to become “Argentina’s next superstar.”

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