When does the Titanium Trials event begin in COD Warzone?

Titanium Trials event is a limited-time mode.

When does the Titanium Trials event begin in COD Warzone?
Titanium Trials

As you know the developers of Call of Duty keep bringing new things whether they are guns, characters, modes, etc to enhance the player’s gaming experience. This time a new limited-time mode is coming to Call of Duty: Warzone in summer 2022, inspired by the Terminator. This new mode is called Titanium Trials and it’s not for the faint of heart. It is a souped-up version of the popular Iron Trials LTM.

In Titanium Trials, the player’s health is upped to 300 HP. Moreover, the tempered perk will also appear more frequently as ground loot for more efficient armor repairs. In Titanium Trials, players will also spawn with a self-revive kit and core health regeneration will take longer to restore, according to Activision.

Titanium Trials also features a custom-built loot table to support the higher TTK gameplay, including rare redacted weapons that are a little more powerful than loadout weapons as per Activision.

Titanium Trials

When does the Titanium Trials event begin in Warzone?

Titanium Trails will begin in Call of Duty: Warzone on August 11. It will run for just two weeks, ending around August 25. Once the mode is gone, it likely won’t be returning for a long time for sure.

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According to Activision, the Terminator-themed LTM will feature eight challenges that will test your skills in the mod, with exclusive rewards including 2XP tokens, the Titanium chrome weapon camo, along with a battle pass tier skip, and four themed calling cards.

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However, the ultimate reward for those players who finish all eight challenges is the Liquid Metal weapon camo. Moreover, there are also many hidden rewards for the most dedicated players, the company teased. So, the Easter egg hunt will begin soon as well in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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