How to Stop the Music at Rave Cave in Fortnite

Completing these weekly quests will get players many rewards.

How to Stop the Music at Rave Cave in Fortnite
Rave cave in Fortnite

The developers of Fortnite keep introducing new things to make the game more interesting. As you all know Fortnite Chapter Three, Season Three features several weekly quests to complete. Completing these quests rapidly can provide a massive boost to your battle pass progression. One of those Chapter 3, Season 3 weekly quests released with the week seven group requires you to stop the music at Rave Cave in Fortnite. No one likes a party pooper but if the reward is 15K XP in Fortnite’s seasonal pass, then some exceptions can be made. Moreover, this quest is very easy to complete. But if you need help to become the perfect party crasher to get seasonal rewards, we are here to help.

Rave cave in Fortnite

How to stop the Music at Rave Cave in Fortnite

First, you need to head towards the Rave Cave when you jump out of the party bus. Once you land you’ll want to follow your ears to any speaker or equipment that’s playing music near you. While doing that make sure you are equipped well and keep an eye on enemies as well.

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To better accomplish this quest, go to your settings and turn on visual sound effects. This will help you to pinpoint the direction of the equipment. Once you find the music system, destroy it by any means you prefer.

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Another faster method to complete this quest is to go to the area inside the cave itself where the two NPC guards are dancing. You will find two poles with speakers on top blaring music, and if you can take out the pole, it takes out the speakers on top with it and your quest will be completed. There is more than one speaker on a pole, so it requires very few pickaxe hits to destroy it.

Destroy three sources of music to complete the quest and get the reward.

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