11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

All these characters are powerful and have blue hair.

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character
11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

Colors, as we all know, can be associated with a wide range of meanings. Colors are sometimes used in anime to hint at a character’s personality or the role they’ll play in the story. There are numerous colors, each of which can have a variety of shades, such as blue. Dark blue is frequently associated with anime characters who are mature, wise, responsible and calculating. A lighter blue is often associated with quiet, soft-spoken, and introverted characters. Of course, this does not apply to all characters because colors can be used simply to distinguish one character from others. So, today we going to talk about the 11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character.

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

1. Aladdin – Magi

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

Aladdin, the little Magi from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, is a sweet and friendly character who is impossible not to like.

Despite his perverted side, Aladdin was also wise, providing helpful insights whenever a situation called for it. He can keep his cool and remain calm even in the most dangerous situations in order to devise the best plans or solutions to deal with the danger.

2. Jellal Fernandes – Fairy Tail

Jellal Fernandes

Jellal in Fairy Tail is a charming character, but his personality evolves throughout the story. He was kind and compassionate as a child, but due to circumstances, he became ruthless and could even be considered one of the deadliest characters. He later changed his personality again as a result of amnesia. Jellal, on the other hand, matured, became intelligent, and became kind after regaining his memories.

Jellal now perfectly embodies the meaning of the color blue as someone wise, calm, and responsible.

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3. Shin-Ah – Akatsuki no Yona

shin ah

Shin-Ah has the blood of the blue dragon deity, so his hair color fits his origins perfectly. He didn’t have the best upbringing because he was raised in isolation; as a result, his social skills are lacking, and he mostly communicates with others through gestures. Nonetheless, he is gentle and genuinely cares about Yona and the group, protecting them even at the risk of his life.

4. Aki Adagaki – Masamune-kun’s Revenge

Aki adagaki

In her school, Aki is known as the cruel princess because she always rejects boys who express their feelings for her in the most humiliating ways. However, Aki is not a bad girl… She causes harm to others simply because she does not want to be hurt. She was also anticipating the appearance of her childhood crush, so she couldn’t reciprocate other people’s feelings.

5. Nagisa Shiota – Assassination Classroom

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

Nagisa, along with the mischievous redhead Karma Kabane, is one of the favorite characters from Assassination Classroom.

He is portrayed as a composed student with keen observation skills. Despite his kindness, he had a dark side and a natural talent for assassination, so don’t be fooled by his cute appearance. But he was very insecure about his abilities and what other people thought of him, owing to the fact that he was raised by a mother who made him feel worthless.

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6. Sayaka Maizono – Danganronpa

sayaka maizono

In the Danganronpa series, Sayaka’s title was “Ultimate Pop Sensation.” Sayaka was portrayed as sweet, caring, and supportive, but that was just her idol’s facade… She was, in my opinion, manipulative and obsessed with her image. She was careful not to show any flaws or behaviors that could harm her reputation.

7. Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury)

ami muzono

Ami from Sailor Moon was a shy girl who struggled to make friends and thus spent most of her time studying and reading books. She’s intelligent, and after befriending Usagi, her kind and sweet side emerged, despite her insecurity.

Ami’s powers as the Sailor Mercury are based on water and ice, so her dominant color is blue and its various shades. As a result, their blue hair complements her perfectly.

8. Hakkai Shiba – Tokyo Revengers

hakkai shiba

Even though Hakkai didn’t appear much in Tokyo Revengers’ first season, he piqued my interest. During the Black Dragon Arc, which will be adapted in the second season, Hakkai begins to stand out.

Hakkai is a friendly guy, but when a girl he doesn’t know approaches him, he becomes extremely shy. He’s quiet and compassionate now, but that wasn’t always the case.

9. Esdeath – Akame ga Kill

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

It’s unusual to see anime characters with blue hair who play evil roles in a series. Among them, however, Esdeath, Akame ga Kill’s antagonist, stands out for her manipulative and sadistic nature.

Esdeath lived her life according to her father’s philosophy, “only the strong survive, while the weak perish.” As a result, she only respected the strong and despised the weak. She took pleasure in making her victims suffer both physically and emotionally.

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10. Milo Nekoyanagi – Sabikui Bisco

milo nekoyanagi

Milo Nekoyanagi from Sabikui Bisco is one of my most recent additions to my list of favorite anime characters with blue hair.

Nekoyanagi, as a doctor, enjoys assisting others, even if he receives nothing in return. He’s determined and mature, but I’m not sure he always maintains his cool. Nonetheless, he’s astute and knows how to make the most of his knowledge in most situations.

11. Kazuki Aoyama – Tribe Nine

11 Best Blue Hair Colour anime character

Kazuki was an enigmatic character when he first appeared in Tribe Nine, but I used to dislike him. He was rude and didn’t think twice about saying hurtful things to others. In fact, no one initially trusted him because he was shrouded in secrecy.

Kazuki is astute and calculated. He understands how to analyze data in order to devise the best strategies for his team to win, despite employing some nefarious tactics at times.

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