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Top 5 Best Mobile Games in the World in 2022

Every year Mobile Games are becoming more and more popular and its market is increasing rapidly Worldwide. So people must know Top 5 best mobile games in the world. In the early years, mobiles were not as powerful as they are today, So there were no high quality games for the mobile in the early years. But with time technology has advanced and today we can play high quality games like we play on our PCs on our Smartphones also. In COVID 19 pandemic, the number of people that play mobile games has increased.

So, Here Are The Top 5 Best Mobile Games In The World that You can Play on both iOS and Android.


PUBG MOBILE or Player Unknown Battleground is one of the most played mobile games in the world. It has shattered all the records . In this game at first, players jumps from the plane randomly. Players can use their parachute to reach a particular location on the map. After landing, players need to loot guns and gears to kill and survive in the game. The last player or the last squad surviving in the game is the winner. We can play this game Solo or with friends. Pubg mobile has 500 million plus downloads on the Google Play Store which makes it undoubtedly one of the top 5 best mobile games in the world.


FF is one of the best and most downloaded mobile games ever with over 1 Billion plus downloads on the Google Play Store. Free Fire gained more popularity after Pubg was banned in India. The game is more like pubg mobile but the difference is, We can play this game on less powerful smartphones also which makes it players first choice. We can also play this Solo or with friends .

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At first, Call Of Duty was also a PC game like Pubg. But in 2019, it’s mobile version was released. The graphics of this game are its speciality. It is a shooting game and its popularity is increasing constantly. It has 10 million plus downloads on Google Play Store.


This classic car game is one of the oldest and most loved games in the world. Asphalt 9 graphics are the best ever, they make this game look more real and cool. Lots of hypercars like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini etc are also added in the game. Asphalt 9 allows us to drive our favourite dream car in a game .


Just like Pubg and Call of duty, League of legends was also a PC game in the beginning. After its undeniable achievements and growing popularity, the mobile version of the game was released in June 2020 in the Philippines. According to a report, League of legends has 70 Million users worldwide. League of legends mobile has 10 million plus downloads on the Google Play Store.

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