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Top- 5 Fielders in the Modern World Cricket

Top- 5 Fielders

With the likes of former cricketers, Jhonty Rhodes and Ricky Ponting. World cricket is a betoken of fielders who have etched their names in the memory of cricket fans with their acrobatic and fantastic piece of fielding. Let’s take a look at such top-5 fielders in modern cricket.

In a game of cricket, while batters and bowlers guzzle most of the limelight, fielders can too play a requisite role in the outcome of the match. However, their contribution often goes discreet. We have witnessed so many matches being lost over a run. We have also witnessed how many batters have lost their wickets with a sharp catch or a nipping run-out. Hence, a good save, a brilliant catch, or a vigilant run-out can certainly shift the momentum of the game.

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Here’s a List of the Top 5 Fielders in Present-day Cricket

1. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja with his fielding

Present-day Indian Cricket is blessed with fielders who ensure additional pressure on the opposition. Undoubtedly, Ravindra Jadeja is not only one of the best all-rounders in the world but the best fielder as well. His ability to win matches on the strength of fielding is impeccable. Not once or twice has Jadeja turned the dice in an instant, but this he displays in every match he plays. Be it with the impossible catches or the squaring runouts Jadeja is an asset for the Indian Team.


2. Faf du Plessis

Faf du Plessis among the top 5 fielders

The former South African captain, Faf du Plessis, is one of the most energetic players on the field. Having a player like du Plessis on one’s side is more like a treasure. His ability to deliver with the bat is not the only resource he provides to his team. The 37-year-old’s agility and enthusiasm on the field are anotherother resources by which he delivers to his team. With Faf on the side, the captain has no worries about who is going to field the long-off or long-on positions.


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3. Hardik Pandya

Hardik Pandya extraordinary fielding

The 3rd position in this list is held by another Gujarat- based Indian Cricketer, Hardik Pandya. This flamboyant all-rounder never lets pressure affect his game, but rather likes to put immense pressure on the opposition, be it with the bat, ball, or just fielding. Hence, Hardik Pandya ticks all the boxes as an all-rounder. His performance with bat and ball has been extremely impressive, while, his sharp fielding makes him a complete package.


4. Steve Smith

Steve Smith

The former Australian skipper Steven Smith has often given glimpses of his unbelievable fielding talent. He has often seen fielding on the slip position during test matches. While a test match itself is a tiring format, fielding in such a crucial position must also be equally tiring. However, he patiently waited for hours to grab the deviated ball which the batter edged off. His diving low one-hand catches remain unmatched and unparalleled to date.


5. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell‘s athleticism has been quite visible in modern-day cricket and that is why he deserves a spot in the list of Top- 5 Fielders. The 33-year-old Australian all-rounder is a complete package as he can pick crucial wickets not just as a bowler but as a fielder as well. Throughout his career, he has cemented his impression as someone who can go beyond imagination to pick up catches.


The above-mentioned players not only contribute as batters or bowlers they can leave an impact on the game with their concrete fielding skills. Players like them have managed to attract the limelight towards the fielding aspect of them. Hence, have raised the bar of international cricket.

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