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It was a promise that I made to my father: Sachin Tendulkar revealed the reason for not promoting tobacco products back in 2020

Sachin Tendulkar is turning 49 in April this year.

Recently there have been a lot of controversies about big Bollywood celebrities endorsing products that are injurious to health. There has been a heavy backlash that Akshay Kumar has received after he appeared in an ad. The star had to issue a public apology after the backlash. What is more interesting is that Kumar had earlier criticized other Bollywood stars for endorsing such products. Moreover, this has raised several moral debates. When stars are in such a power position, they influence people on a very large scale. That is the reason why Sachin Tendulkar has never endorsed any such hazardous products. Sachin Tendulkar made it public earlier that he made a promise to his father. Furthermore, Sachin is a big icon in the country and his actions are obviously going to impact people in a way.

Sachin Tendulkar made a promise to father

It is to be noted that Master Blaster has never endorsed alcohol or tobacco products. While all his contemporaries were signing big deals with such companies, Sachin honoured a promise more than lucrative contracts. Even during the IPL, several national and international cricketers have featured in the ‘ Oo La La La La Le O’ campaign of Kingfisher. These products cannot be openly advertised in our country. So, the brands do surrogate advertisement for these. Just because of the fact that Kingfisher also sells alcohol, Sachin has decided to not be a part of it. Earlier, it was reported that the UB Group has offered an endorsement fee of INR 20 crores.

“This was a promise I made to my father. He told me I am a role model and a lot of people will follow what you do. In the 1990s my bat didn’t have a sticker on it, I didn’t have a contract. But everybody else in the team was endorsing 2 brands in particular. I have stayed away from these two things and have never broken the promise to my father.”

Sachin Tendulkar

Moreover, Tendulkar has received offers from several brands to be his bat sponsor. While every other Indian cricketer had stikers of the sponsors on their bat. Sachin was the only player whose bat didn’t have any such stickers as he didn’t accept any of the deals. Earlier, Sachin has issued a clarification when his face was wrongfully used on casino posters.

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