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6 wickets in 6 balls: Delhi team sets a bizarre record losing 6 wickets in an over in Nepal Pro Club Championship against Malaysia

Nepal Pro Club Championship saw a rare cricket moment when a team struck 6 wickets in an over.

Nepal is a nation fond of cricket. As they’re trying to make their place in the international cricket scene, several cricketing events do take place. Nepal Pro Club Championship has been played in April. However, the tournament may not get much limelight, a bizarre record made heads turn. A club Malaysia Club XI picked 6 wickets in 6 balls in the final over against Push Sports Delhi. This took place in a Group A encounter. This no doubt becomes one of the strangest over delivered in T20 history. Of course alongside the infamous over by Stuart Broad where Yuvraj Singh smashed 6 back-to-back sixes!

Malaysia Club XI’s Virandeep Singh picked 5 wickets in the 19th over. whereas, on the 1 remaining bowl the team has run out a Delhi player. Moreover, the strange over may not be seen again anytime soon. Virandeep picked a total of five wickets including a hattrick.

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Earlier, Pakistan picked 3 wickets and two run-outs against Australia in a group stage match in the 2010 T20 WC. Mohammad Amir has bowled the 20th over, he picked 3 wickets. However, it wasn’t a hattrick. The team collectively picked 2 more wickets in the over by 2 run-outs.

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But, Malaysia Club XI’s unique feat is only the second instance of its kind. Moreover, Virandeep started the over with a wide delivery. Nobody expected the events to take such a turn. The bowler would’ve had a quick introspection after the wide, before bowling the rest of the over. He had made a historic record. Posh Sports Delhi stood at 131 with 7 wickets in hand. They would have planned to hit lofty shots in the last over. But nothing worked their way in the 19th over.

Earlier, in 1951 at the Thomas Hunter Cup a similar thing had taken place. Rowland United had dismissed the Royal Warwickshire Regimental Association for only 3 runs. Every player has returned to the pavilion at a duck, the three runs came as extras. The inning had ended in 5 overs. GH Sirett picked 6 wickets in an over in the 5th over.

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