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How is Jay Leach, the best option to fill up Rangers coaching vacancy?

New York Rangers are missing a coach after they parted ways with Gerrard Gallant post first round exit against the Devils. The management is still on the hut for a coach who can replace the ex-coach. It won’t be an easy task either considering Gallant brought NYR back to playoffs and is a Jack Adams winner.

43-year-old Jay Leach started coaching after a not-so glamorous NHL career. The defenseman played 70 NHL games scoring 3 points. Jay Leech started his coaching career in 2014 in DHL team Adler Mannheim. He became Dave Hakstol’s assistant coach in Seattle in July 2021. As reports state, New York Rangers are reportedly looking at Jay Leech for the coaching vacancy. Here’s why we think he’s perfect for the job:

1. Jay Leach has immense experience in his belt

Jay Christopher Leach has a good deal of experience under his belt. Although he never made it to the centerfold of NHL, he has played for a very long time under different managements in minor leagues. Additionally, his coaching experience speaks for his caliber, he coached the Penguins’ affiliate, Providence Bruins, and Seattle. The time with Providence Bruins is remarked with multiple accolades. A key aspect talked throughout his AHL career is how he helped in developing players to NHL-level talent.

2. The rise of the Kraken

Seattle Kraken’s performance in 2022-23 season has been exceptional. They qualified into the playoffs as a wildcard entry and defeated the defending champions Colorado Avalanche in the first-round. Despite an exit in the Conference semifinals, Kraken played really well forcing Stars into Game 7. Also Read: Why is the logo of Seattle Kraken one of the best in the NHL?

The highlight is that the season is the Kraken’s second in NHL, making the feat more memorable and good. Jay has been equally responsible in bringing the best of the Krakens. He has constantly featured in the bench motivating and making the players more game-oriented.

3. Young Age and Friendly Personality

Jay is just 43. He is comparatively younger than the recent NYR coaches. The new generation comes with a lot more changes, in belief, in lifestyles than the past. Jay being a millennial can accommodate better than other coaches.

However, one of the pressing issues the newer generation requires is a good mental health. One of the cardinal traits of Jay is his communication skills. jay is known to make players more comfortable and approaches with a humble nature. Mike Sullivan, Penguins’ coach once said that people gravitate towards Jay and that he is a good leader. Sullivan also praised his work ethic.

4. Flexibility

New York Rangers has a great squad, no cap. The players are good enough for a Stanley Cup victory. However, there exists a void in team fluidity and structure. A healthy guidance is evidently required, something Gallant never gave the players. Jay’s personality adds elements to the healthy atmosphere. Leach is said to be very flexible and has a good guess on how the games turn out. He sees the game ahead of the game, if that makes sense. Also Read: Rinkside Rundown: What do you mean by Overtime? How is it different in Regular Season and Postseason

New York Rangers are all over the place looking for a viable option to replace Gallant. The fans are antsy without a Stanley Cup. NYR needs to take a leap of faith in this current scenario, a major risk. Undoubtedly, we can see Jay leach is someone whom NYR should take a risk on.

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