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Updated NHL Entry Draft 2024 Complete Draft Pick Order

The NHL Entry Draft 2024, the 61st of its kind, takes place on June 28-29 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. In the draft lotteries held on May 8, 2024, the Chicago Blackhawks emerged as the winners, securing the first overall pick, while the Anaheim Ducks claimed the second overall pick.

Listen up, folks! Brace yourselves for the NHL Entry Draft and its crazy web of contracts, free agents, and draft picks. Let’s face it, it’s like navigating a maze in the dark. But fear not! We’ve gone the extra mile and put together a nifty compilation of all seven rounds of the NHL Entry Draft just for you to wrap your head around. Consider yourself armed with some serious draft knowledge!

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NHL Entry Draft 2024 Complete Order

Round One
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
1Chicago Blackhawks
2Anaheim Ducks
3Columbus Blue Jackets
4San Jose Sharks
5Montreal Canadiens
6Arizona Coyotes
7Philadelphia Flyers
8Washington Capitals
9Detroit Red Wings
10St.Louis Blues
11Vancouver Canucks
12Arizona Coyotes (From Ottawa Senators)
13Buffalo Sabres
14Pittsburgh Penguins
15Nashville Predators
16Calgary Flames
17Detroit Red Wings (From New York Islanders)
18Winnipeg Jets
19Chicago Blackhawks (From Tampa Bay Lightning)
20Seattle Kraken
21Minnesota Wild
22Philadelphia Flyers (From Los Angeles Kings)
23New York Rangers
24Nashville Predators (From Edmonton Oilers)
25St Louis Blues (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
26San Jose Sharks (From New Jersey Devils)
27Colorado Avalanche
28Toronto Maple Leafs (From Boston Bruins)
29St Louis Blues (From Dallas Stars)
30Carolina Hurricanes
31Montreal Canadiens (From Florida Panthers
32Vegas Golden Knights
Round Two
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
33Anaheim Ducks
34Columbus Blue Jackets
35Chicago Blackhawks
36San Jose Sharks
37Tampa Bay Lightning
38Arizona Coyotes
39Buffalo Sabres (From Philadelphia Flyers)
40Washington Capitals
41Detroit Red Wings
42Detroit Red Wings (From St Louis Blues)
43Detroit Red Wings (From Vancouver Canucks)
44Chicago Blackhawks (From Ottawa Senators)
45Buffalo Sabres
46Nashville Predators (From Pittsburgh Penguins)
47Nashville Predators
48Calgary Flames
49New York Islanders
50Seattle Kraken (From Winnipeg Jets)
51Chicago Blackhawks (From Tampa Bay Lightning)
52Seattle Kraken
53Minnesota Wild
54Los Angeles Kings
55 Chicago Blackhawks (From New York Rangers)
56Edmonton Oilers
57Seattle Kraken (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
58New Jersey Devils
59 Anaheim Ducks (From Colorado Avalanche)
60Anaheim Ducks (From Boston Bruins)
61Dallas Stars
62Carolina Hurricanes
63Florida Panthers
64Minnesota Wild (From Vegas Golden Knights)
Round Three
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
65Anaheim Ducks
66Columbus Blue Jackets
67Chicago Blackhawks
68Nashville Predators (From San Jose Sharks)
69Montreal Canadiens
70Arizona Coyotes
71Carolina Hurricanes (From Philadelphia Flyers)
72Arizona Coyotes (From Washington Capitals)
73Detroit Red Wings
74St Louis Blues
75Vancouver Canucks
76St Louis Blues (From Ottawa Senators)
77Vegas Golden Knights (From Buffalo Sabres)
78Los Angeles Kings (From Pittsburgh Penguins)
79Nashville Predators
80New Jersey Devils
81Arizona Coyotes (From New York Islanders)
82Winnipeg Jets
83Nashville Predators (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
84Seattle Kraken
85Anaheim Ducks (From Minnesota Wild)
86Buffalo Sabres (From Los Angeles Kings)
87Philadelphia Flyers (From New York Rangers)
88Arizona Coyotes (From Edmonton Oilers)
89Vancouver Canucks (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
90Pittsburgh Penguins (From New Jersey Devils)
91New York Rangers (Colorado Avalanche)
92Boston Bruins
93Chicago Blackhawks (From Dallas Stars)
94San Jose Sharks (From Carolina Hurricanes)
95Philadelphia Flyers (From Florida Panthers)
96Vegas Golden Knights
Round Four
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
97Anaheim Ducks
98Columbus Blue Jackets
99Chicago Blackhawks
100San Jose Sharks
101Montreal Canadiens
102Arizona Coyotes
103Philadelphia Flyers
104Washington Capitals
105Vancouver Canucks (From Detroit Red Wings)
106St Louis Blues
107Vancouver Canucks
108Ottawa Senators
109Buffalo Sabres
110Montreal Canadiens (From Pittsburgh Penguins)
111Nashville Predators
112Calgary Flames
113New York Islanders
114Columbus Blue Jackets (From Winnipeg Jets)
115Nashville Predators (From Tampa Bay Lightning)
116Seattle Kraken
117Detroit Red Wings (From Minnesota Wild)
118Los Angeles Kings
119Vancouver Canucks (From New York Rangers)
120Philadelphia Flyers (From Edmonton Oilers)
121Nashville Predators (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
122New Jersey Devils
123San Jose Sharks (Colorado Avalanche)
124Boston Bruins
125Dallas Stars
126Carolina Hurricanes
127Florida Panthers
128Montreal Canadiens
Round Five
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
129Anaheim Ducks
130San Jose Sharks (From Columbus Blue Jackets)
131Chicago Blackhawks
132San Jose Sharks
133Montreal Canadiens
134Arizona Coyotes
135Philadelphia Flyers
136Washington Capitals
137Detroit Red Wings
138St Louis Blues
139Carolina Hurricanes (From Vancouver Canucks)
140Ottawa Senators
141Buffalo Sabres
142Pittsburgh Penguins
143Nashville Predators
144Montreal Canadiens (From Calgary Flames)
145New York islanders
146Winnipeg Jets
147 Nashville Predators (From Tampa Bay Lightning)
148Seattle Kraken
149Minnesota Wild
150Los Angeles Kings
151Winnipeg Jets (From New York Rangers)
152New York Rangers (From Edmonton Oilers)
153Toronto Maple Leafs
154New Jersey Devils
155Colorado Avalanche
156Columbus Blue Jackets (From Boston Bruins)
157Dallas Stars
158Carolina Hurricanes
159Florida Panthers
160Arizona Coyotes (From Vegas Golden Knights)
Round Six
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
161Anaheim Ducks
162Arizona Coyotes (From Columbus Blue Jackets)
163Carolina Hurricanes (From Chicago Blackhawks)
164San Jose Sharks
165Montreal Canadiens
166Arizona Coyotes
167Philadelphia Flyers
168Seattle Kraken (From Washington Capitals)
169Detroit Red Wings
170St Louis Blues
171Vancouver Canucks
172Philadelphia Flyers (From Ottawa Senators)
173Buffalo Sabres
174Pittsburgh Penguins
175Nashville Predators
176Calgary Flames
177New York Islanders
178New York Rangers (From Winnipeg Jets)
179Tampa Bay Lightning
180Seattle Kraken
181Minnesota Wild
182Los Angeles Kings
183New York Rangers
184Edmonton Oilers
185Toronto Maple Leafs
186New Jersey Devils
187Colorado Avalanche
188Boston Bruins
189Dallas Stars
190Carolina Hurricanes
191Florida Panthers
192Vegas Golden Knights
Round Seven
Overall Pick NumberDrafting Team (Pick Received From)
193Tampa Bay Lightning (From Anaheim Ducks)
194Columbus Blue Jackets
195Chicago Blackhawks
196San Jose Sharks
197Montreal Canadiens
198Florida Panthers (From Arizona Coyotes)
199Philadelphia Flyers
200Washington Capitals
201Detroit Red Wings
202St Louis Blues
203San Jose Sharks (From Vancouver Canucks)
204Ottawa Senators
205Buffalo Sabres
206San Jose Sharks (From Pittsburgh Penguins)
207Ottawa Senators (From Nashville Predators)
208Calgary Flames
209New York Islanders
210Winnipeg Jets
211Tampa Bay Lightning
212Seattle Kraken
213Minnesota Wild
214Boston Bruins (From Los Angeles Kings)
215Ottawa Senators (From New York Rangers)
216Edmonton Oilers
217Pittsburgh Penguins (From Toronto Maple Leafs)
218New Jersey Devils
219Colorado Avalanche
220Boston Bruins
221Dallas Stars
222Carolina Hurricanes
223Pittsburgh Penguins (From Florida Panthers)
224Vegas Golden Knights

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