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Breaking! Draymond Green decides to take time off from Warriors following Jordan Poole altercation

How long will Green be out of action?

Draymond Green publicly apologized Saturday and announced he will step away from the team for a few days after an altercation between him and teammate Jordan Poole.

Draymond Green said he will step away from the Golden State Warriors “for a few days” to focus on himself and allow the team to “heal”. The 32-year-old forward faced the media on Saturday in what were his first public comments since the incident. He also apologized and said he doesn’t know how long he will be away from the team.

The 32-year-old 4x NBA champ met with media Saturday morning in the Bay Area, telling reporters flat out … “I was wrong.”

Green, who did not practice with the team Thursday or Friday, expressed remorse for his actions, saying that he “failed as a leader.”

“I was wrong for my actions that took place on Wednesday,” Green said.

“For that, I have apologized to my team. I have apologized to Jordan.”

“There’s a huge embarrassment that comes with [this],” Green said.

“Not only for myself, as I was the one who committed the action … but the embarrassment that Jordan has to deal with and that this team has to deal with, this organization has to deal with. But also Jordan’s family. His family saw that video. His mother, his father saw that video. If my mother saw that video, I know how my mother would feel.”

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Investigation on leak of Draymond Green punching teammate video

Following the leak of a practice video showing Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green punching teammate Jordan Poole, the Warriors are taking “every legal course of action” to discover how the video was released to the public, according to ESPN.

The video, obtained by TMZ Sports, made its rounds on social media Friday morning, shocking fans of the NBA.

The altercation reportedly began with the two players trash-talking before Green got in Poole’s face, resulting in Green punching Poole. The practice was closed to the media, prompting Golden State to investigate the source of the leak.

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