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“Max Verstappen just doesn’t have any weaknesses,” says Lando Norris

The 2023 F1 season has witnessed complete dominance by the Red Bull Racing team, especially Max Verstappen. Before the season started, fans were roping in for a three-way battle between Red Bull, Ferrari, and Mercedes. Well, when the season began, Aston Martin shocked everyone with back-to-back podium finishes. On the other hand, both Red Bull drivers were winning the Grand Prix for the team.

They were just on a roll, and their first driver, Max Verstappen, was racing for fun. In almost every Grand Prix, he finished nearly 20+ seconds ahead of everyone. While all of this was happening, the McLaren F1 team did some impressive upgrades on their cars.

The upgrades to their cars made them move to 5th in the constructor’s standing from the bottom of the table. Both McLaren drivers have made sure that they finish in the top 5, and recently they had two consecutive double podium finishes. But they are yet to win a single Grand Prix, all because of Max Verstappen, who hasn’t let anyone go ahead of him.

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Recently, in an interview, Lando Norris said, “He delivers in every area, and that’s not something every driver is able to do.” Norris further mentioned that,

“Max Verstappen just doesn’t have any weaknesses.”

Well, to be honest, all his performances in the past few seasons have always been top-notch. So far, in all 17 Grand Prix of the season, he has won 14 of them. He had an unbeaten streak of 10 consecutive Grand Prix wins, which was broken by the Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz. That is the only win in the 2023 F1 season by a team. This clarifies the dominance of the Red Bull team and Max Verstappen.

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Max Verstappen dominance in the 2023 F1 Season

  • Total No. of Grand Prix: 17
  • Points: 433 (Crowned as the Champions)
  • Podium finishes: 16
  • Grand Prix wins: 14
  • DNFs: Nil

The above stats are as of the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix.

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