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Most Podiums by Constructors in F1 History

F1 is the pinnacle of motor racing and one of the highest forms of racing. If you are not aware of what F1, or Formula 1, is, we are here with a small explanation. Two F1 cars each from 10 different F1 teams race around a circuit for several laps to determine the winner of the race. The winner of the race is awarded a certain number of points, and in one F1 season, there are more than 20 races. At the end of the season, the driver with the highest number of points is crowned the F1 champion.

In every race, the racers who finish in the top three positions stand tall on the podium. Every team gives their very best to make both their drivers stand on the podium and secure the most points. Well, now you might have thought, which constructor has stood on the podium most times? So let’s take a look at the below-mentioned list.

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Most Podiums by Constructors in F1 History

  1. Ferrari: 803 Podiums
  2. McLaren: 501 Podiums
  3. Williams: 313 Podiums
  4. Mercedes: 286 Podiums
  5. Red Bull: 258 Podiums

Most Podiums by Constructors in F1 History

The Ferrari F1 Team has secured the most podiums finished by a constructor in F1 history. All their legendary drivers, like Michael Schumacker, Alain Prost, Niki Lauda, Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, and many others, have helped Ferrari finish on the podium a total of 803 times. As a result, they have secured the most podiums by a constructor in F1 history.

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The second team with the most podium finishes is McLaren, with 501 podium finishes. They recently achieved their 500th podium during the 2024 Qatar Grand Prix. Both their drivers, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, finished on the podium.

The next team on the list is Williams, with 313 podiums. If you are new to F1, finding Williams on the list is quite surprising for you. Currently, they are struggling to finish in the top three, but once they used to dominate every F1 Grand Prix.

If you are a young F1 fan, these two names—Mercedes and Red Bull—are the ones you are searching for. Since 2010, the constructors and the F1 championship have been dominated by both teams. Leaving them, every team has found it difficult to finish on the podium, excluding Ferrari.

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