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Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule, Venues, and Teams.

The 2023 Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup will the 15th edition of the Men’s FIH Hockey World Cup, The quadrennial world championship for men’s national field hockey teams organized by the International Hockey Federation. India was selected as the host country of the tournament for the preferred time window of 13–29 January 2023. The national sport of India is Hockey, so to have the World Cup in their country is a huge plus for the Indian fans as well as for the International Hockey Federation. It’s gonna be very exciting to see whether the defending champions, Belgium Hockey Team, would be able to defend their crown successfully or whether a new team would surpass them and steal the crown from them. Wanna know about the details about the whole tournament? Let’s have deep look into the Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule, Venues, and Teams.

Hockey World Cup 2023 Schedule

The Men’s Hockey World Cup will get underway on January 13 at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar with Argentina taking on South Africa. Here is the full schedule of the tournament:-

Match No.FixtureRoundDateTime (IST)Venue
1.Argentina vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 131:00 PMBhubaneswar
2.Australia vs FranceGroup StageJanuary 133:00 PMBhubaneswar
3.England vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 135:00 PMRourkela
4.India vs SpainGroup StageJanuary 137:00 PMRourkela
5.New Zealand vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 141:00 PMRourkela
6.Netherlands vs MalaysiaGroup StageJanuary 143:00 PMRourkela
7.Belgium vs KoreaGroup StageJanuary 145:00 PMBhubaneswar
8.Germany vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 147:00 PMBhubaneswar
9.Spain vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 155:00 PMRourkela
10.England vs IndiaGroup StageJanuary 157:00 PMRourkela
11.Malaysia vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 161:00 PMRourkela
12.New Zealand vs NetherlandsGroup StageJanuary 163:00 PMRourkela
13.France vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 165:00 PMBhubaneswar
14.Argentina vs AustraliaGroup StageJanuary 167:00 PMBhubaneswar
15.Korea vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 175:00 PMBhubaneswar
16.Germany vs BelgiumGroup StageJanuary 177:00 PMBhubaneswar
17.Malaysia vs New ZealandGroup StageJanuary 191:00 PMBhubaneswar
18.Netherlands vs ChileGroup StageJanuary 193:00 PMBhubaneswar
19.Spain vs EnglandGroup StageJanuary 195:00 PMBhubaneswar
20.India vs WalesGroup StageJanuary 197:00 PMBhubaneswar
21.Australia vs South AfricaGroup StageJanuary 201:00 PMRourkela
22.France vs ArgentinaGroup StageJanuary 203:00 PMRourkela
23.Belgium vs JapanGroup StageJanuary 205:00 PMRourkela
24.Korea vs GermanyGroup StageJanuary 207:00 PMRourkela
25.2nd Pool C vs 3rd Pool DCrossoverJanuary 224:30 PMBhubaneswar
26.2nd Pool D vs 3rd Pool CCrossoverJanuary 227:00 PMBhubaneswar
27.2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool BCrossoverJanuary 234:30 PMBhubaneswar
28.2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool ACrossoverJanuary 237:00 PMBhubaneswar
29.1st Pool A vs Winner 25QuarterfinalJanuary 244:30 PMBhubaneswar
30.1st Pool B vs Winner 26QuarterfinalJanuary 247:00 PMBhubaneswar
31.1st Pool C vs Winner 27QuarterfinalJanuary 254:30 PMBhubaneswar
32.1st Pool D vs Winner 28QuarterfinalJanuary 257:00 PMBhubaneswar
33.4th Pool A vs Loser 259-16 ClassificationJanuary 2611:30 AMRourkela
34.4th Pool B vs Loser 269-16 ClassificationJanuary 262:00 PMRourkela
35.4th Pool C vs Loser 279-16 ClassificationJanuary 264:30 PMRourkela
36.4th Pool D vs Loser 289-16 ClassificationJanuary 267:00 PMRourkela
37.Winner 29 vs Winner 32SemifinalJanuary 274:30 PMBhubaneswar
38.Winner 30 vs Winner 31SemifinalJanuary 277:00 PMBhubaneswar
39.Loser 33 vs Loser 3413-16 ClassificationJanuary 2811:30 AMRourkela
40.Loser 35 vs Loser 3613-16 ClassificationJanuary 282:00 PMRourkela
41.Winner 33 vs Winner 349-12 ClassificationJanuary 284:30 PMRourkela
42.Winner 35 vs Winner 369-12 ClassificationJanuary 287:00 PMRourkela
43.Loser 37 vs Loser 383rd Place MatchJanuary 294:30 PMBhubaneswar
44.Winner 37 vs Winner 38FinalJanuary 297:00 PMBhubaneswar


The Indian state of Odisha will host the 2023 FIH Men’s Hockey World Cup. Venues selected to play matches at are as follows-

  1. Rourkela- Birsa Munda International Hockey Stadium with a capacity of 20,000 seats, making it the biggest all-seater field hockey stadium in the globe.
  2. Bhubaneswar- Kalinga Stadium with a capacity of 18,000 seats.


A total of 16 teams will compete in the tournament. The names of the teams are Australia, Argentina, Belgium, France, England, Chile, India, Japan, Germany, Korea, Netherlands, Malaysia, South Africa, New Zealand, Spain, and Wales. The first matches will take place within the pools and the teams who win the most matches in their pool will progress forward in the tournament.

The pool set of the tournament matches are:-

Pool AArgentinaFranceAustraliaSouth Africa
Pool BGermanyBelgiumKoreaJapan
Pool CChileMalaysiaNew ZealandNetherlands
Pool DIndiaEnglandWalesSpain

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