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How and where to book Qatar world cup 2022 tickets?

The most awaited event for football fans is here as FIFA is all set to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Although it is generally held during the season break in summer due to the extreme heat conditions in Qatar, it is going to be held from 21 November – 18 December 2022. The tournament will be conducted in 8 stadiums across Qatar. The wait is finally over as the ticket booking process has begun on the official website from 19 January.  Here’s everything you need to know about how and where to book Qatar world cup 2022 tickets

stadium locations - Fifa world cup Qatar 2022
The Stadium locations around Qatar.

Everything about How and where to book Qatar world cup 2022 tickets

Fifa is going to sell the tickets to the 2022 Qatar world cup in three phases:

  1. Sale phase 1: Random lottery based draw for ticket applicants starting on 19th january and ending on 8th february.
  2. Sale phase 2 : Second lottery based sale of tickets conducted after the final draw.
  3. Last-Minute Sales Phase: This sales phase is a First Come First Served sales period. During these sales periods, ticket purchases are processed as a real-time transaction, i.e. available tickets will be allocated directly to the ticket applicants.
The first sale phase is currently ongoing. Follow these steps to apply for tickers:
  • The first step to booking the tickets is to visit the offical FIFA ticketing website. Upon clicking the “Apply for tickets here” option on the homepage, there will be two options: International and Qatar residents.
  • Choose one based on your residency. Then you need to create a FIFA ticketing account which will require your personal details and residential information. You can sign up using your email.
  • After having created an account, choose the type of ticket you want to book.
  • Then select the category of seat you want in stadium.
  • Once application is comfirmed, clear the payments before the deadline.
  • Apply for your Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) and you are all set to experience the World Cup.

Links to the websites:

The above links shall be accepting ticket applications up to 8th February for the sale phase 1. The tickets will be confirmed on a random lottery basis and no preference will be given to early applicants or submission dates. The transactions are not real-time and actual payment will be made only after the confirmation of the tickets. The applicants will receive a confirmation by email beginning from 8th March and will be given a due date to clear the payments if selected.

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Ticket Products

FIFA will be conducting a total of 64 games in the competition. The groups are still yet to be announced. Although the dates are decided, fixtures have not yet been decided. To ensure fair distribution of tickets, one person can book up to a maximum of 6 tickets per match and a maximum of sixty (60) tickets across the entire FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 competition, per postal address. The matches will be held across 8 different stadiums in Qatar. However, the best part is that all the stadiums are located very close to each other enabling easy travel options for outsiders.

Match schedule - Fifa world cup Qatar 2022
Match Schedule for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

There will be three types of tickets available during the Random Selection Draw sales period of the Sales Phase

  • Individual Match Tickets (IMTs): These ticket are for a specific match and will be available for all matches of the competition.
  • Team Specific Ticket Series (TSTs): These tickets are a series of match tickets purchased for a specific national team.
  • Four-Stadium Ticket Series (FSTs): This ticket package offers tickets of games in four different stadiums on different matchdays.
There will also be four Ticket categories divided on basis of fare and residency. Category 4 at the stadium will only be available to residents of Qatar.

FIFA has also allocated special tickets for people with disability or limited mobility. These are known as Accessibility tickets. They will be located as such they are closer to exits and restrooms. Moreover, they will also be offered one additional ticket for free for a companion to assist and accompany them at the match.

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Ticket Price

All the ticket prices are in Qatari Riyals. The prices are different for different categories with category 1 being the costliest. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final are more priced than the group stage matches and the round of 16.

The opening match category 1 is priced around 2250 Qatari riyals which is equal to 46000 INR.  The ticket prices range from 15708 to 250 Qatari Riyals (3 lakhs to 5,000 INR) throughout the tournament. The prices depend on the matchdays, categories, and the type of product you are purchasing. Moreover, The category 4 tickets which are reserved only for the Qatari residents are the cheapest. the accessibility tickets have also been low priced.

For residents of Qatar, payments will only be accepted via Visa payment cards. For non-residents of Qatar, both Visa payment cards and Other payment cards will be accepted.

The tickets can be cancelled amended by accessing your FIFA ticketing account before the closure of this sales period on 8 February 2022. Thereafter, you will not be permitted to change or cancel your ticket application.

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Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) – the alternative to visa

International fans will not be needing visas to enjoy the Qatar WC. Instead as prescribed by the government of Qatar, the fans will need to obtain a Hay’ya Card (Fan ID). It will allow the fans to visit the country, watch the games and travel around as per their package.

Apart from this, the Hospitality department is also offering travel packages which include guaranteed tickets to the games. If you are looking for a nice vacation in the desert along with screaming at the stadium, this is for you. Besides, Qatar Airways are also offering flight packages for the same. It includes accommodation, flights, and matches tickets. Moreover, All additional information can be found on the website.

The fans are expected to follow the covid protocols as laid down by their country. Moreover, FIFA is working closely with the local authorities to set up rules and health and sanitary protocols. The vaccination rules are yet to be laid out. More information to follow shortly after the first phase of sales.

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