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Top 5 players with most red cards in La Liga

Professional football is a game full of passion and involves the highest stakes. In the middle of these high stakes, a lot of fouls happen that could lead to suspensions. The most common form of suspension that referees turn to for punishing a player is the yellow card. However, sometimes we see situations where a player commits repeated fouls or offenses, which leads to the referee giving out multiple yellow cards. Upon receiving two yellow cards, the cards are turned into a single red card and he is sent off the pitch. There are often cases where the level of foul is too high to simply be punished with a yellow card, and the player is handed out a direct red card and sent off the pitch immediately. Let us take a look at the players with the most red cards in La Liga.

players with most red cards in La Liga :

#5. Fernando Hierro

Red Cards: 15

Fernando Hierro began his career playing as a centre-back for Real Valladolid in 1986. Hierro had an excellent playing career at the very top level winning 16 trophies. He is most prominently known for his fourteen-year long spell with the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Fernando won 3 Champions League titles and 5 La Liga titles at the club. He made a total of 497 La Liga appearances and ended up getting 15 red cards during his time. Nine of them were direct red cards, and five of them were result of two yellows. Fernando was also named UEFA Club Defender of the Year in 1998. His high tally of 15 red cards earns him the fifth place on our list of players with the most red cards in La Liga.

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#4. Juanito Rodriguez

Red Cards: 16

Juan Francisco Rodrguez began his career playing as a centre defender for Las Palmas. He also played for other Spanish clubs such as Real Zargoza, Sevilla and CF Extremadura. His most successful spell was with Atletico Madrid where he won two Copa del Rey titles back-to-back in 1991 and 1992 Juanito made a total of 462 appearances in his career and collected a total of 16 red cards. Nine of them were direct reds, while 7 of them were results of two yellows. His numbers make him the 4th highest player with most red cards in La Liga.

#3. Pablo Alfaro

Red Cards: 18

Pablo Alfaro started his career playing for Real Zargoza at the age of 17. The Spanish player then went on to play for five more clubs, including Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. He won the La Liga and Super Cup with Barcelona in 1992. However, the club he spent the most time with is Sevilla where he won the UEFA Cup. During the 418 appearances he made throughout his career, he received a total of 18 red cards. Fourteen of them were direct red cards which is the highest in the division’s history in addition to having four indirect red cards.

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#2. Xavi aguado

Red Cards: 18

Xavi Aguado began his career playing as a center-back for CF Badalona at the age of 19. He then signed for Real Zargoza in 1990 and spent 13 years at the club. Xavi made a total of 473 appearances with the club having a fairly successful time. He played a huge role in beating Arsenal in the 1994–95 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final. The Spanish defender also won two Copa del Rey titles with the club. However, Xavi does not have a good disciplinary record. He received a total of 18 red cards and 109 yellow cards during his stay at the club. Shortly after Zargoza’s relegation in 2002, Xavi retired from professional football.

#1. Sergio Ramos

Red Cards : 20

Sergio Ramos is a football player who needs no introduction. A global star and one of the greatest center-backs to have ever graced the game. During his time in La Liga he made a total of 508 appearances and had stints with Sevilla CF and most prominently Real Madrid. Ramos played 16 years at Real Madrid where he won a stunning number of 25 trophies. As the leader of the Galacticos, he won the Champions League four times, La Liga five times, and the Spanish Cup twice. His leadership skills always aroused fear in his opponents. El Capitano has received the highest number (20) of red cards in the history of La Liga. Six of them were direct reds, while 14 of them were results of direct yellows. He tops the list of players with the most red cards in La Liga.

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Players with most red cards in La Liga:

Serial No.PlayerNo. of cards
1Sergio Ramos20
2Xavi Aguado18
3Pablo Alfaro18
4Juanito Rodriguez16
5Fernando Hierro15
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