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Gareth Southgate and his woes ahead of the Qatar World Cup 2022

The English squad is a scrabble, fitting in which player gets the most points. Unfortunately, none are point-grabbing good. The anxiety and anguish of a chance that the trophy is not coming home are rattling England. The wait for a world cup elongating is spearing through the hearts of the Lions’ fans. Calls have risen for the outing of Gareth Southgate where he thinks he is the best for the situation. Whether he is or not, England is not a single percent Qatar World Cup ready.

The Nation’s League group stage which was completed very recently saw England failing to win a single game. Ending the group in mere three points, they are relegated from League A to B. Poor shows in almost all categories cost England a lot and this should be a waking call for the Lions. The poor performance against Germany is a mark of how things can turn out at the World Cup.

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Southgate now has to select a 26 men squad before the World Cup starts. The English might squish through to the Round of 16 easily but from there, things will be pretty hard. They will try tooth and nail to finish first in the group to avoid a clash with the Dutch side early in the tournament. No other UEFA team has a form as unmatched as the Oranges.

Harry Maguire seems to be in a dilemma. Manchester United was dropped from the side after his poor show at the early games of the league. He has made mistakes that were crucial in deciding England’s fate in the past games. Southgate’s tactic of using trusted and senior players is Maguire’s sole bread crumb in the bustling crowd. Maguire’s errors in the German game highlight England and Southgate’s need for proper shedding.

Southgate needs a properly revised squad if he needs to succeed in the upcoming Qatar World Cup. Not a single segment is good on its own. Jordan Pickford is not an excellent goalkeeper, not when Hugo Lloris, Thibaut Courtois, De Gea, and Ter Stegan are in the other squads. Also, He has no good deputies to back him up either. Aaron Ramsdale looks a good fit but Nick Pope is not up to the mark.

The question of mid-field is nerve-wracking. Trent Alexander Arnold In or Out? The midfield has kyle Walker, Declan Rice and also Mason mount, and a lot of other talents. Seems to say they have a good midfield but it is an individual illusion. As a team, the midfield has low chemistry and needs to work on it before heading to Doha for the final showdown. The so-called decorated forward is just Harry Kane and maybe Sterling. Really, England is just a mess.

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Mohammed Bazim
Mohammed Bazim
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