What is a marksman rifle in Fortnite?

it is one of the most powerful rifles in Fortnite.

What is a marksman rifle in Fortnite
What is a marksman rifle in Fortnite

The diverse pool of weapons in Fortnite is constantly changing between chapters and seasons, with new categories being added, powerful weapons vaulted, and weak weapons receiving buffs. Thankfully, this keeps the game feeling fresh, as no single meta dominates the game for an extended period of time. There are numerous weapon types to choose from across the island, ranging from short-range options like SMGs and shotguns to long-range snipers and everything in between. The marksman rifle is a weapon type that is extremely viable to the best aimers and most patient players. So, lets discuss what is a marksman rifle in Fortnite.

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What is a marksman rifle in Fortnite?

What is a marksman rifle in Fortnite

The marksman rifle is a medium to long-range weapon that exists as a bridge between medium-range weapons such as assault rifles and purely long-range weapons such as snipers. The marksman rifle fires faster than most snipers but with less damage per shot, and it has a longer range than most assault rifles, as well as optics that allow for more accurate long-distance shots. Marksman rifles also have no damage falloff.

Marksman rifles are not recommended for close-range combat due to their poor hip-fire accuracy and zoomed-in aim. They can only take medium bullets. When using marksman rifles for long-range combat, players must consider bullet drop.

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In-game, there are two types of marksman rifles available: the DMR and the Cobra DMR. DMR is an abbreviation for designated marksman rifle. The DMR is more powerful per shot, but the Cobra DMR is more powerful per second due to its much faster firing rate. The Cobra DMR also has a larger magazine size, with 20 shots versus the DMR’s 10, but it also takes longer to reload.

Reality Saplings sells mythic versions of both weapons. Reality Saplings, fishing holes, supply drops, and chests all have Epic and Legendary versions.

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