The next upcoming major v21.40 Fortnite update revealed

The upcoming update is expected to be the last major update in Chapter 3 Season 3.

The next upcoming major v21.40 Fortnite update revealed
The next upcoming major v21.40 Fortnite update revealed

Fortnite players are going to get a v21.40 Fortnite update soon. However, the gaming company is still on its Summer break, but the break will end soon. According to some sources, Epic Games will release a new major Fortnite update right after the company’s vacation is over. There are numerous leaks about the upcoming update already. So, fans have an idea of what the new Fortnite update will bring. This upcoming update is special because it is expected to be either the last or second to last major update in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. So today we are going to tell you about the exact release date of the v21.40 Fortnite update and other big things that will come in the new update.

v21.40 Fortnite update

Release date of the major v21.40 Fortnite update

The upcoming v21.40 Fortnite update is expected to be released on Tuesday, August 16, 2022. It is expected that the new update will contain everything related to the Fortnite x Dragon Ball collaboration. Besides, the exact date of the Dragon Ball collaboration still hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it will most likely happen soon after the v21.40 update comes out.

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The real reason behind this Dragon ball collaboration is the Dragon ball movie which is coming out on August 18 in the United States. So, this collaboration will help promote the movie. Since this update will be the last major update of August, it will contain everything from crossover including skins, mini event, new cosmetics, and possibly unvault junk Rift that was seen in the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 trailer.

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