How to kick yourself in CS:GO

Do this simple thing to kick yourself in CS:GO.

How to kick yourself in CS:GO
How to kick yourself in CS:GO

Counter-Strike is one of the best in-depth, tactical, and team-based esports games. Small movements can throw off your kills, and losing a weapon at the end of a round can ruin your economy, reducing your chances later in the game. This game is extremely precise, and as a result, it can drive you insane with rage. Things go wrong all the time, and unless you’re a professional, you can get into a funk that makes you want to rage-quit. So, today we will discuss how to kick yourself in CS:GO.

You can either use a stress ball or get kicked out of the CS:GO lobby. Sometimes the latter is the best option for simply moving on to the next match.

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How to kick yourself in CS:GO

How to kick yourself in CS:GO

Kicking yourself in CS:GO is one way to leave without being banned. There are some cases where long-term bans of more than 30 minutes can be lifted. Those with seven-day bans, on the other hand, brought this on themselves.

I can’t stop you from reading this, so you can still benefit from it.

Regrettably, it is a process. Kicking players in the face will get you nowhere, literally.

Enter “~” into the console, followed by “status” (no question marks required), and you’ll see a bunch of text appear in your console. Locate your name in the list, then the digits on the left side of your name. Once you’ve memorized those numbers, enter “callvote kick number *** **” into the console.

Another example is “callvote kick number 622 18,” and if those were your numbers, a vote-kick prompt would appear on the screens of your teammates.

Remember that voting affects your rating, which determines the calibre of players you match with. The lower your rating, the more toxic players you will encounter.

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