Free Fire Max vs Free Fire Comparison: Graphics, Features, Similarities, Game Size, Distance, etc.

Free fire max offers its players a better graphical experience with in-game optimization

Free fire and FF max
difference btw free fire and FF max

Garena free fire max is a newer version of free fire available on the Google Play Store. It looks like an enhanced and improved version of Garena free fire. Although free fire remains the most downloaded Battle Royale with more than a billion installs, we can expect the popularity and hits of Free Fire max to boom after its ban. Well, in this article we will be looking at the major differences and similarities between both the versions.

So Here Are Some Differences Between Free Fire Max And Free Fire.

1. Better Graphics

The biggest difference between the two is the graphics quality. Free fire max offers its players a better graphical experience with in-game optimization. Although the marginal difference is small it impacts the gameplay greatly. For example, now the cars in free fire max will make skid marks on the road and emit dust when taken off track. Better graphics also include better sound quality enhancements providing its player’s realistic gameplay.

2. New Features

Since it’s like a newer version of Free Fire, we see some new in-game features like new characters, new lobbies, maps, etc. With such new attributes, it will surely be a next-level experience for free fire lovers. The Craftland mode and Bermuda map are one of the most outstanding additions to the game. The craftland mode allows players to make their own custom maps5 BEST Free-Fire Drop Locations: Where to Drop-In Free-fire To Live Till End and enjoy playing on them. These new features make the game look livelier and fun to play.

3. Draw/Render Distance

The draw distance is the maximum distance a player can spot another player(enemy or teammate). Free Fire max has overtaken the standard free fire by improving the draw distance making the field of view look more immersive and expansive. This will help the players to spot opponents on the field at long range or distance. However, the new textures added to the game act as a disadvantage to players as they do not appear in the standard Free Fire, hence making you vulnerable at times.

4. Game Size

All the new features and the upgrades added to the game have caused an increment in the size of the game. The standard free fire had a size of 800MB. However, the Free fire max file size has moved close to 2.5GB. The large size causes the game to be played smoothly on high-end smartphones, playing it on low spec phones is not advised.

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Both free fire and Free Fire max are the same but with a few in-game graphical differences. They have similar gameplay and in-game mechanics but with different animations. Both are a product of Garena International and attempt to provide a multiplayer gaming experience to its players so that every player can have a fun time with other irl players. Both are battle royale games where every team or player fights to be number 1. In conclusion, we can say free fire max is nothing but an enhanced version of free fire.

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