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Top 5 Best Tips To Hit Accurate Headshots In Free Fire

Today we are going to show you some tricks for headshot accuracy in FF. Free Fire was launched in December 2017 by 111dots studio. It is a Battle Royal shooting Game and is available for both iOS and Android. Free Fire also sets a record with over 150 million active users worldwide in August 2021. There is a variety of maps in this game. This game has over 1 billion-plus download on the Google Play Store in 2021. The enhanced version of Free Fire which is Free Fire Max is also available on the google play store. Free fire max has advanced graphics and futuristic maps. The players of this game always look for tips and tricks to hit accurate headshots in free fire.

5 Tips To Hit accurate Headshots in Free Fire:

1. Use Laura Character to hit accurate headshots in free fire

Laura is the best Character to choose of all the characters available to players in Free Fire Max. Laura Character has a unique Sharp Shooter ability which provides players an accuracy bonus while shooting and helps you to hit accurate headshots.

2. Drag And Shoot

While firing at a stationary enemy, the firing button must be dragged slightly upwards by the player. This will help to stable crosshairs towards the head and guarantees a headshot if the aim precision is On. Players must adjust crosshair quickly according to the movement of the enemy to ensure more headshots.

3. Proper Sensitivity

Players with proper sensitivity can hit more headshots in Free Fire than others. Sensitivity varies from player to player. It depends on the individual’s device and his or her preferences or choices. Players should take some time out to fix their sensitivity until it works perfectly for them. Once proper sensitivity is achieved, players must not change it.

4. Layout

Just like the sensitivity settings, the layout settings also depend on an individual’s preference. Players should adjust the fire button in a comfortable space and leave enough space to drag the fire button around. Players must not copy other players’ layouts. They should create their own based on their comfort. This will surely help to increase accurate headshots.

5. Practice

Even after making all the necessary adjustments, making proper headshots or doing well in the game requires lots of practice. Players should start practicing in the target range by hitting still and moving targets. Playing unranked Clash squad matches will also help to train their aim.

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