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Why cricket is popular in 12 countries only? Reasons explained

Cricket is very popular in the Indian sub-continent. However, many European countries don't invest much in the game. An interesting reason keeps the countries from playing cricket.

In India, cricket enjoys a gigantic fan following. It’d seem impossible for Indians to think of a nation that doesn’t play cricket professionally at all. Moreover, other countries of the Indian sub-continent have also been among the top nations. And the game enjoys tremendous popularity. But, many European countries maintain a safe distance from the game. Have a look at the reason why cricket is popular only in a handful of nations.

The International cricket governing body, International Cricket Council [ICC] has 106 member countries. Among which 94 countries are associate members. Whereas, only the 12 other are full member countries. Cricket has a rich history. It has been played for almost two centuries now. However, the first Test was played only in 1877 between England and Australia.

Reasons for Cricket being popular only in some nations

Cricket is a colonial sport

If we examine the full-time member countries closely. we will notice that most of the countries that play cricket are commonwealth nations. Which are the countries that have been colonized by the British. Since these countries have an unmatched craze for the game. It is a wide perception by several non-cricketing countries that cricket is a colonial sport. Therefore, they avoid playing the game.

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The countries that have never taken the game seriously include several European nations. England being an exception since they are the pioneers of cricket. In addition, China, France, Russia, Japan, and Switzerland are the countries that don’t engage in cricket. Whereas, the countries that have been under British control- Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc have immense popularity for the game.

All ICC full member countries

CountryFull member sinceTest status since
Afghanistan22 June 201714 June 2018
Australia15 June 190915 March 1877
Bangladesh26 June 200010 November 2000
England15 June 190915 March 1877
India31 May 192610 January 1930
Ireland22 June 201711 May 2018
New Zealand31 May 192610 January 1930
Pakistan28 July 195216 October 1952
South Africa15 June 190912 March 1989
Sri Lanka 21 July 198117 February 1982
West Indies31 May 192623 June 1928
Zimbabwe6 July 199218 October 1992
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