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When did Rahul Dravid throw his cap in anger in IPL?

Rahul Dravid was appointed as the Indian cricket team's head coach in November 2021.

In IPL 2022, a nail-biting match between Gujarat Titans and Sunrisers Hyderabad saw a very angry Muttiah Muralitharan. The veteran legends of the game are usually very calm. However, IPL gets intense to an extent that even the calmest of the minds lose their cool. This reminded fans of an incident from IPL 2014. A very rare sight was captured, Dravid who is the epitome of calmness was caught angry on camera. Rahul Dravid did throw his cap on the ground in anger in IPL 2014.

It was a very crucial match as Mumbai Indians could qualify had they chased down the target in 14.3 overs because they would then have a higher run rate than Rajasthan Royals. So, this was a very close match and everyone was hanging on a cliff, of course, emotionally. When Aditya Tare had smashed a Six, Mumbai Indians won the match within the required over to qualify. The MI players were going berserk in celebration. Whereas the Rajasthan Royals camp was left dejected. This is when the then RR coach Dravid has thrown his cap in anger.

Watch: Rahul Dravid throw cap in IPL

“It’s not the first time it happened to me”

Last year, the entire country was left amused as the Cred ad has made our composed Dravid shout at the top of his lungs, calling himself ‘Indira Nagar ka Gunda’. A video was later released on Cred’s official youtube channel. Wherein, Rahul Dravid talked about the incident from IPL 2014. Moreover, he said this is not the first time he got animated because of emotions. However, this was just the first time the camera had captured it.

“Not one of my proudest moments, but I have always tried to be someone able to manage emotions and control his emotions. The thing with international cricket is there’s always a lot of pressure on you. Here’s a lot of eyeballs, a lot of focus on everything you do, your actions both on and off the field. I think one of the ways to really be your best is to be able to maybe, like we say, shut out the noise. It’s not the first time it’s happened to me; it does happen. It was the first time it had happened publicly. Other times it might have happened in the privacy of the dressing room.”

Rahul Dravid

“I am a human, I’m going to make mistakes”

Earlier, in 2019 when Dravid appeared on famous sports presenter Gaurav Kapoor’s show ‘Breakfast with Champions’. He talked about this incident. In addition, he discussed how James Faulkner always tease him over it. What troubled him most was he as a coach preaches having control over emotions, but has himself lost his cool.

“You know, when it came down to the end and in that frustration, it just sort of came out and I threw the cap. And then as I was letting it go, it was just too late. I wish I could pull it back. Exactly what I’m saying. That’s the image I want. That I’m human. I’m going to make mistakes. So don’t blame me when I make mistakes.”

Rahul Dravid
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